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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Post From The Early Days



I have been thinking about thankfulness alot lately. I find that I am thankful for the cottage the Lord has provided for us and for giving us the ability to work hard and make it into a warm welcoming place.

My home will never look like the picture above. But God has given us creativity and a desire to take something that was to some, not worth fixing, and making it into a beautiful home.

My husband and I determined years ago to live debt free. We do not buy anything that we cannot pay for. Our cottage is the only exception and we are paying extra on it, in order to pay it off more quickly. So any projects we do around the house are done when we have extra funds. Sometimes this doesn't happen for a long time.

I remember once, feeling dissatisfied that it was taking so long to get projects done around our cottage. I thought "how come other people are able to add on to their houses, buy new things etc.." The Lord reminded me of the fact that we wanted to live debt free. He also encouraged me with the thought, that if hard times came, we wouldn't be worried about how to pay off credit cards and the like.

So, I am thankful, for the projects we have been able to accomplish this spring. My heart feels like it is overflowing with thankfulness.


Karen said...

Clarence and I are the same way. Sometimes it is so hard to be content while waiting-but really, that is such an important lesson to learn, isn't it?

We are both so thankful, with the uncertainty of all jobs here in Mi, that we are accustomed to living this way. We have less stress day to day because we don't carry credit card debt month to month. We use them, we pay them off. Sometimes that is stressful enough!

I'm glad you re-ran this post. Once again, I find you a kindred spirit. You are much further along in making your house pretty than I am, though!

Karen said...

Hey kindred spirit-Clarence and I live debt free, too. It saves a lot of stress, when no one knows how long they'll have a job in MI these days.

I think living debt free is also a powerful tool God can use to help us learn to be content, whatever our circumstances.

You've managed to make your house beautiful and welcoming. I'm not there yet. (Unfortunately, it isn't always money that stops me-I lack the decorating gene and it shows.)

Thanks for re-running this post. It got me thinking, as well as reminding me that we aren't the only ones living the way we do.

Nicole said...

good for you! we also are a debt free family. We have old cars and an nothing brand new and shiny it seems, but it is all what is good and plentiful for us! The Lord always provided for us, even when we feel there is no other way :)

Kelly said...

We have learned that living debt free is the way to live. We had credit card debt in the past, and learned a huge lesson. We won't be going back there again. We, too, only have debt on our home, and we have yet to fix up things we want fixed because we are waiting for a time of having enough funds to make the improvements. Sometimes it is difficult to wait, but it is by far the wisest thing to do.

Donna said...

You are so right! Hubby and I save and pay for things as we go. If we can't afford it, we don't buy it! The only thing we owe on is our homsestead, and we own 95% of that now. We wish we could have done some things differently when we built, but the budget was the budget, LOL. Patience and discipline are two virtues that help keep the balance sheet out of the red.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a great post! You know I feel the same way. I'm so happy we don't have any debt except the house (and like you we make extra principal payments). Especially in times like now when it seems company's are folding or laying people off left and right. I'm glad I don't have the extra worry of debt!



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