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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Bit Of Spring In My Kitchen

My Lilacs are beginning to open!  Such a heavenly scent.....


  1. Lilacs. Can't grow those gorgeous things where I live but as a kid in Northern Illinois they lined our back fence on the right side of the alley. Oh dear the aroma and beauty. Enjoy your lilacs in my honor.. ;o)


  2. Good Morning my sweet friend,

    I just LOVE Lilacs! They are my favorite flower "after" Roses.
    Enjoy the lovely aroma of Our Sweet Lords handiwork.
    Have a fabulous day.
    Hope your hubby is still recovering well from his surgery. He is still in our prayers.

    Love & Prayers,

  3. yes....they are a heavenly scent..and so pretty to behold...beautiful...I just couldn't resist either..

  4. These lilacs are one of my favorite flowers! Just beautiful.


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