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Saturday, April 18, 2009

English Country Dance

Last evening, to celebrate the end of my "Emma" class, I hosted an English Country Dance.

When studying a book, I like to teach the culture of the did people interact with each other, what was the clothing like, what did people do for entertainment.

Being a fan of Miss Jane Austen's books and a lover of the movies made based on her books, I thought it would be awesome to learn English Country Dance.  The girls in my classes have loved it!  It is easy and fun.  It is modest, and allows interaction between young men and ladies without impropriety.  And everyone can do it!  From a 3 year old boy to a grandma to our Pastor Mike!

Let me share our evening with you in photos...

Here are my lovely English Roses...

This is the delightful Miss Chelsea, who was accompanied by her father, and her two brothers!

Here are a lovely Mother/Daughter duo.

Here is a small group of girls starting off the dancing...

This handsome little darling didn't dance, but he loved the music...maybe next year.

Here is a group of 7 pairs doing a dance called Lucky Seven.  The part they are doing is called "The Grand Chain."

Here you can see Miss Elizabeth, Miss Emily and Pastor Mike dancing to "The Big Set."

This is such wonderful activity for all ages, including the girls brothers!  

It was so fun for me to see the younger boys, decide that maybe this dancing stuff was not so bad after all!

This precious family enjoyed dancing with their twins.  Their youngest daughter was so delightful to watch as well - she enjoyed herself so much! 

This event was held at my church, which is a family integrated church. Even though this was not a church event, it fit right into my philosophy of doing things together as families.  

It was a delightful evening.


  1. Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog. :D I'm so glad there are other homemakers our there. :D You made a really good point by the way! I never thought of that...
    By your pictures it looks like everyone had fun! I love the dresses! :D

  2. Chelsea and Mikey had a wonderful time.
    Thanks for the investment of your time and for making Chelsea's awesome dress!

  3. Mrs. Rabe,

    That is just precious! Way too much fun! I love these photos. :o) Your daughters look lovely, and everyone looks absolutely delighted!! I thought of you when I was out with my girlfriends this weekend at a tea shop in Emmaus. :o)

    What a great post!

  4. oh my..this would totally be *my thing*...I would have loved this..and being a huge fan of Jane looks like so much fun..

  5. Oh my goodness! That looks like a blast. I think I'll have to try to get some people together and dance. :)

  6. Lindsey,

    It is so great to see you here, I love to keep up with you all!


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