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Thursday, April 2, 2009


My darling is doing so well!

We went to an appointment with his surgeon today.  Everyone is impressed with how well he is doing and we got to see the xray of his new hip!  Very cool.

He is now off of "house arrest" as the girls call it and he is also able to get around using a cane!  

Lindsay is having her wisdom teeth out today.  They are starting to crowd those lovely teeth we paid alot of money for!  Pallet spreader, braces, retainer - twice!

Anyway, I am almost done with Lindsay's dress and I have one skirt for our friends finished!  

I hope you have a lovely day - what's up with you?


Melissa G said...

I'm so glad to hear the Uncle Tim is healing well. God is good.

~~Deby said...

Hooray....this is good news....
Welllll...since you asked...I haven't blogged this yet:
Tomorrow morning I am scheduled for my 6 injections in my back....I am a bit stressed...trying hard to just trust the Lord....I will be okay.
Today my daughter is coming out and she is going to help me grocery shop (the fibro is a little rough right it is 4 something in the morning and I am NOT sleeping)
probably TMI (too much information, huh?)

Becky K. said...

We are off in search of Spring!!


Hope Lindsay's mouth is back to normal soon.

Karen said...

Now you'll be putting those nursing skills to use for Lindsay. This has been a busy time for you!

Glad your darling is doing so well. I pray Lindsay will recover as quickly.

sherry said...

I'm so thankful that Tim's recovering so well. What a blessing! The fact he's done with "house arrest" is awesome! hehe.

***Pallet spreader, braces, retainer*** . oh. been there done that - for Lizzie. I'd appreciate if you'd tell her to continue using her retainer at night. She's not listening to me. ahem.

Alicia @ said...

So glad your hubby is doing so well!! Praise God!!

Sorry to Lindsay...I remember those days!!

This morning Cayden and I went to BRU to get diapers with my mom and a few other items. And this afternoon I am taking Cayden to the doc...he has a cold!! Poor baby! We are praying and praying that no fever will strike, that would be terrible.

Donna said...

Glad to hear that your hubby is mending well! Best wishes to Lindsay today. She'll be sore for a few days!

We just got back from our little jaunt to the Smokies. I'll need to work on a blog post, LOL!

Kelly said...

We are so glad to hear that Tim is doing so well. We really enjoyed our time with you last Sunday. You are becoming special friends to us.

We hope Lindsay is doing well.

Marilyn in NM said...

I'm so glad your Tim is doing so well. It sounds like you are so busy but still have time to share with us! Thank you.
Marilyn in NM

Tracy said...

So glad to hear your hubby is doing well.


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