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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

I can hardly believe that tomorrow starts a New Year and a new decade...

This is a special time for our family - Tomorrow is Lindsay's 18th birthday and then our anniversary on the 2nd.

Today will be filled with preparing for a gathering of our friends and family, fellowship, fun that is what is in store for us tonight! Then at the stroke of midnight - after 'Happy New Year' it becomes 'Happy Birthday!'

I am going to take the tree down today - with a full house tonight we can use the space and it helps it to feel like a 'new' space! I probably will leave the garlands and greenery and some white lights. I love the warmth it adds to this cold and snowy season.

I pray that this will be a year of growth for our family, spiritually as well as physically! After all our numbers will increase by one in June when our grandbaby comes!

Dallas at Abounding Treasures shared a beautiful quote on her blog yesterday -

Every home should be a Bethesda,
a house of mercy,”
where the suffering, the weary, the sorrowing,
the tempted, the tried, the fallen,
may ever turn,
sure of sympathy, of help and of love’s holiest fruits.

~ Homemaking by JR Miller ~

I really like this quote and this is my prayer too for our home and family. That are home will be a haven not just for our family but for those in need of family and comfort and encouragement.

What are you praying for in this New Year?


  1. Bless you this New Year's on a few fronts, sweet friend. :o)

    Love the quote!

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  2. Happy New Year Sweetie...
    It has been a wonderful year in 2009 and I can't wait to see what 2010 brings to each of us.

    Here's wishing you happiness, love, prosperity, peace and good health.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Sorry we will miss the party. It sounds like a great one.

    We are off to "the Northland" for about 24 hours.

    Then home to pick up a certain sweet little puppy!!!

    Even you will love/like this will....she will make you love her.

  4. I love the quote! I had to laugh when you said you were taking your tree down but leaving up the garland and lights. I'm doing the exact same thing!! We are expecting a lot of guests next week, and I think it will add warmth to our home during these cold days. For not really knowing each other we often think a whole lot alike! Happy New Year to you and yours, and Happy Anniversary soon!

  5. Happy New Year!!

    Happy Birthday to Lindsay!! Its a big one!

  6. Happy Birthday to Lindsay (sorry to be late)!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Tim, too!

    May God bless you on your special days!

  7. Thank you all!

    Karen you are not late - you are right on time! Today is her big day!

    Cheri' isn't that fun! Kindred spirits!

    Becky we missed you all last night - fun times!

  8. Anyone who knows you and your family or has ever been to your home feels warm and welcomed by you. You accomplish the love and hospitality needed by many people. You are a blessing to those of us who know you.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Tim! Enjoy your day together tomorrow! You two are very special to us. God bless you!

  9. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Trust that Lindsay had a wonderful birthday and a very Happy Anniversary to you and your dear husband ...

    May the Lord bless and keep you and honour your heart's desire that your home be a *house of mercy* ~ that quote touched my heart and my conscience and I just had to share it :o)


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