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Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Is A Comin'

The forecast is for 8 to 12 inches here tomorrow.

Today is my main grocery shopping day and I must finish my Christmas shopping. I am taking along Lindsay and Emily as reinforcements!

It should be a long day, but fun, and Oh! the crowds will be crazy...not only are we a week out from Christmas Day but with a storm coming folks will be out to get their necessities.

The girls have a rehearsal tonight at church for those who are playing special music for Christmas Eve...long day ahead.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - still focused on Christ's coming. This is the purpose for it all.


  1. All week the local forecasters have said one to two it is up to possibly 12! Sigh...I made plans to go up to Oregon Dairy tomorrow. Probably have to reschedule that...

    I am glad I am not planning to sing for Christmas voice is so terribly horrible from this cold. It will be good to hear the young people do their "thing".

  2. I went to the Dr in a dress and flip flops!

  3. I hope you were able to get all your shopping done before that storm hit. I heard it was pretty bad. I've been keeping your blog site open because you have so much wonderful music. Have a Glorious Christmas.


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