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Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Live In The Frozen Tundra

 It is really cold says it is 13 degrees outside right now, but the "real feel" feels like 8 degrees! 

 We must leave in an hour for church.  Did I mention it is cold outside?  At least our fellowship among our fellow worshippers will be warm!

I'm thinking Emily's proposed afternoon hike is a no go.  I know I am 'no' going!  I am planning on a warm house and good fellowship.  Either Chinese food or pizza for lunch.

It's going to be a good day, which is much needed after an emotionally challenging week.


  1. Eight degrees?! Yowsa! Cold with a capital C!

    I hope you have wonderful fellowship and a sweet Sunday and that next week isn't so trying. Lisa~

  2. Whatever you do, dear friend, may your home be warm, your friends be many, your food be nourishing and delicious, and may your horse stay put. Love you!

  3. Have a wonderful day, and stay warm! Enjoy your fellowship and time at home, soon we will all be outside enjoying birds and green grass. Have a blessed day!

  4. So much for the "no go" hike. They are Crazy!!!!!

    Oh well, at least some of us were warm and cozy. I fell asleep before halftime in the Steelers/Jets game and simply gave up and came to bed for a power nap.

    Thank Lindsay for bringing the kids home. I thought I would wake up again but I didn't.


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