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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Barren Spaces...

 The landscape of the land on our property is barren.  Only the blue spruce has any color.  Likewise landscape of my shelves, piano, and cabinet tops are barren as well.

 Gone are the jolly greens and lights that warmed our winter home.  It was time.

 Now, however, I must warm our nest once again.  This time of year we are hopeful for an early spring - to the earth awakening from it's slumber and spreading forth that delightful shade of spring - green!
 But for today, this lovely winter green goes back to it's storage space until next year.

Along with the random baubles that were still here and there!

I love each season - each has it own purpose and reason.  Ah, a rhyme!  Isn't it sublime? Oh, somebody stop me!  I think I need a cup of tea.....


  1. Wow! That is a drastic change.
    A cup of tea will inspire you to bring on Spring in your home...soon.

    I despise packing away the Christmas things. Perhaps that is why I still have bins and boxes in my dining room waiting final approval to head back to storage. We are trying to find each and every thing this year instead of having the odd Christmas item hang out all year.

  2. There is an early January birthday in this house so I usually try to pack up Christmas before then. I think it helps make the birthday girl's day feel more her birthday-ish. I'm sure I'd let things out much longer otherwise.

    The fresh blanket of white outside has me dreaming of spring too.

  3. I like to think of winter as a time of slowing down especially after a busy holiday season. It gives us a chance to re-focus. Bare branches, brown grass, evergreens, blue sky, white snow and starkness...winter. Yes, after months of that, I long for spring tremendously.


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