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Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday In Maine....

 We spent my birthday in Maine.  It was such a beautiful day.  My mom and I wearing nearly the same color, oh well, I am past worry about wearing the same color as someone else in my group!

 The tide was out - we got to walk a long way on the shore to the water!  It was cold on my feet, but I loved it!

 The Maine coast is so stunning...

 All of these photos were taken by Lindsay...

 Lindsay took this photo outside of one of the LL Bean Stores today.  What?  You are surprised we went there?  Silly...wait until you see what I got at the LL Bean Home Store!

 We stopped at a beautiful lake to meet a sweet new blogging friend...

 Vee!  She and her husband John brought homemade cookies and some lovely apple cider!  Look at my lovely traveling hair...sigh.  I try but it my hair has a mind of it's own.  Vee is very nice and it was nice to talk with her and to give her a hug!  I also gave her a big hug from Becky.

 This is were we hung out - beautiful isn't it?

 Isn't this a stunning photo?  Lindsay has such a wonderful eye...

 Do you see this hat that Sarah is wearing?  It is really one of Vee's great tea cozies!  I love it!  I was hoping she might gift me with one!

 She also gave me one of these delightful disappearing nine patch squares.  She is very talented...and I am so happy to have these lovely gifts.

 Our friend Denny, who is on our trip with us, along with my Mom and Dad, gave me a LL Bean gift card and I knew right away what I would get!  This wonderful red plaid wool throw blanket!  I love it!

 And after a wonderful dinner at a delightful restaurant tonight I got this beautiful bracelet...

And these pretty, sparkly earrings!  I told Tim I don't know where I will wear these earrings, but they are so nice I just may wear them while I do dishes! 

Tomorrow we head to New Hampshire - we got a glimpse of the White Mountains early this evening, and we will end up in Vermont.  

I'll make sure Lindsay takes more great photos so you can share the beauty of our trip with us!


  1. you're beautiful, deanna. {{hug}}
    love the earrings! they're the color of Living Water so wearing them while doing dishes would be highly appropriate. thankful you're enjoying your time in such a lovely setting.


  2. You had a very special birthday from the looks of it. I mean meeting Vee would have been enough for me, but jewelry, the ocean, a gorgeous lake and LL Bean too? Wow, Deanna, you were rockin' it! I'm so happy for you. It all looked totally delightful. Lindsay sure can shoot wonderful photos. Enjoy whatever adventures you have in store for today.

  3. What a great trip! Looks like you had a great time. Glad you enjoyed yourself & got to meet your new friend!! Love your cozy red blanket too ;)Have a good Tuesday!

  4. I've always wanted to visit Maine, but haven't gotten to go so far. Your photos make me very envious.

    So happy you've had a wonderful birthday trip!

  5. Looks like you are having a marvy birthday! I'm originally from that neck of the woods... born in Dover, NH, spent my summers on Drake's Island in Maine. It is such beautiful country and you're visiting it at one of the very best times of the year in my opinion. Enjoy the rest of your trip, dear☺

  6. Your photos make me want to hop in the car and come join you! It looks like an idyllic vacation. And to meet a bloggy friend must be a wonderful treat! (I have recently discovered Vee's lovely blog myself...through your own blog and that of several other cyber friends.)
    Happy (belated) birthday, Deanna!

    P.S. I had to chuckle at the picture of you and your mom in the same color. My daughter Kati and I do that all. the. time. I guess it's a mother-daughter-kindred-spirit type of thing. :-)

  7. You know I had forgotten that it was your birthday! I should've brought a cake.

    It was lovely meeting you all and I hope that you have a wonderful vacation in New England!

    The Disappearing Nine Patch is a mat to set your hot tea pot on so that you won't harm your beautiful table. (I don't think that I made that clear, just in case you were wondering what to do with it.)

  8. P.S. That's what John does with tea cozies, too. (Don't worry. He didn't do it with this one.)

  9. Wow! Tell Lindsay her photos are breathtaking...

    I love that you met up with Vee. It gives one hope that blog friends can actually share real hugs! Loved that hat/tea cozy when I first saw it. It looks happy with you all, as do your other treasures. :)

  10. My hubby and I honeymooned in Maine 4 1/2 years ago. It was wonderful!! We stayed in Jonesport. (A little fishing village...awesome!!) We went to Bar Harbor and we ALSO visited Lands End!! What a lovely trip! I'm glad YOU also got to enjoy it!

  11. Oooops!!! I meant LL Bean!! Silly Me!!!!!!!!

  12. Well then....
    Happy Birthday to you....
    Happy Birthday to you....
    Happy Birth~~~~day~~~ dear Deanna~~~....
    Happy Birthday~~~~ to you!!

    {This would be where Rachey always, always says, "many mores~~!"}

    Looks like you are having a great time. I wish I had traveling hair with you up there! Love the earrings, they are gorgeous.

  13. Happy Birthday Deanna! I'll agree; the Maine coast is something to behold, as is all of Maine. You were fortunate to go this time of year and see the colored foliage. But we were so blessed, too with our visit - and with Vee! That was "icing on your cake!" Blessings, ~Gwen~

  14. Happy Birthday!!!! Lindsey does have a good eye. I love the pictures :O)

  15. How lovely to have your paths cross in Maine...and on your birthday!

    Tell Lindsey to keep snapping....she takes good pic's!

  16. Happy belated birthday!

    I came over from Vee's blog as she told us all about meeting you and your lovely family. Enjoy the rest of your trip in beautiful New England!

  17. Happy Birthday!
    I just traveled over from Vee's to visit you. I have to tell you that you have such a nive looking family
    It sure is a lovely area your visiting-enjoy the rest of your trip!


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