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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Home Day

Photo Credit - Lindsay Rabe

After being away for a week, I am looking forward today to doing a bit more fall nesting.  I am adding my LL Bean wool plaid throw to my bed, 

 I love a cozy, pretty bed...

 Tiny, primitive lights in a basket of pinecones....

 Pretty berries...

 A few pumpkins...we are so blessed to have a farm near to the girls work that sells pumpkins for a dollar a piece!

  I found these great dinner napkins at the Shelburne Country Store in Vermont, for $1.50 a napkin.  I bought all twelve!  These are perfect all the way through Thanksgiving!  The color is not true...they are more of a golden brown.  

I also am going to cut out the baby quilt for my niece.  Her little wee man is due in December.  Having finished my niece in love's baby quilt and a wee hat for the baby Camden and a knit hat for his sweet big brother Cayden, I am on a roll!

Oh, you should see the yummy red wool fabric I bought yesterday at the outlet!  It is going to be a gorgeous skirt for Moi!  I tried to get a photo of it but my camera does not shoot true colors, so I gave up.
Have a lovely weekend....


  1. home. there's nothing like it.
    love your pretty, cozy touches.
    great find on the napkins. the
    bonus is their beauty!

  2. Oh how nice to settle in for some sweet domesticity and a day at home. It must've been wonderful for everyone to sleep in his or her own bed, too!

    Love those napkins and am always scouting for some good ones. And the gift from Denny looks great on your bed.

    Everything's looking cozy in your corner!

  3. Sounds like a lovely, cosy day.....

  4. I love all the cozy touches that you have added to your home!! I love the napkins you found! What a great find! Happy belated birthday!!!


  5. Love the lights in the pinecones. I just might have to pull my pinecones out early (I usually wait until I do Christmas decorating).

  6. I'm glad you had a good trip and that you made it home safe.
    That first picture you posted of Lindsays is amazing! I love it! It's our desktop background now. =)

  7. I love your decor! The lights in the basket of pinecones is such a cute idea! Your home looks so cozy and inviting. :)

    The red wool fabric sounds wonderful--I hope you'll share pictures of the finished skirt!

  8. I like your basket of pinecones with lights throughout. What can be more warming than a wool blanket?
    It is fun to see the corners of your home so decorated - especially since our family has been in it and received your warm hospitality.
    Karen A.


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