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Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're Headed Home Tomorrow

 Rumford Falls.  Beautiful, strong, wild...

 They have all these fun iron silhouettes of Indians to honor the tribes that used to have fishing camps there.

 We always end up taking fun photos...

 Again the photos are Lindsay' was all so stunning.  New Hampshire was gorgeous even though we had rain all day...

 In Vermont we visited a maple syrup was interesting to see, we have tapped a few of our sugar maples before.

 Wednesday morning, we took the ferry from Vermont to New York.  It was so much fun - so windy and cold though!  Look at my travel hair!  Can you believe it looked just fine after this?  Mom and I laughed and laughed over this photo - our hair is just crazy!

 The girls and Uncle Denny.  

 Lake Champlain is beautiful.  So fun to cross it.

 The lovely photographer...

 In New York I found some leaves that matched my scarf colors...

 Having our friend Denny along on our trip was fun - he is from New York and since our original plans for Wednesday fell through, he suggested we visit the Lake Placid area and also to go to the top of Whiteface Mountain - elevation 4867 feet above sea level.  You drive up and then you either climb a path or take an elevator up to the top!  

 The visibility was about 90 miles today - that is Lake Placid to the south...we also saw the skyline of Montreal, Canada to the north and we could look back at Lake Champlain to the east!

 Emma on top of the world...

We ended the day with the last light over Lake Ontario.  

Home tomorrow.  We have had an amazing trip.  I am so thankful for my husband and his gift to our family of this trip.


  1. It is interesting to see these sights that I've never witnessed in real life. Beautiful!! Your family certainly appears to be enjoying your time there...and together. Beautiful. So glad you got to do this.

  2. Deanna it looks like you've had a wonderful holiday and birthday!!
    The photos have been beautiful :-)
    God bless you...Trish

  3. Wow! That's a lot of color and cold! Such beautiful photography and beautiful views. Gorgeous! (I'm glad that you thought to bring your heavier coats; you look frozen!)


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