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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Joining French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday!
I bought this lovely ticking stripe fabric from my favorite fabric outlet a few months ago.  It's a Waverly pattern - the fabric has a heavy weave and it is very nice to touch.

I had recently bought delightfully squishy 20x20 inch pillow forms and thought of making the fabric up into pillow covers.  I knew I wanted to do some sort of ruffle around the edge, and that is where my project came to a halt.  I was a bit intimidated.

I gave my attention to skirts, and baby quilts and knitting.  But yesterday I got the bug to do them and after a bit of discussion about the ruffle with Lindsay, I got to it!  Such an easy and quick project!  I cut out the body of the cover 21x21 inches to give room for the seams and then the ruffle I cut 2 strips of  4 inches wide by 108 inches in length.  After sewing it into a strip, I hand gathered it onto one of the body pieces and then sewed the ruffle to it.  Then I laid the other body piece on top, attaching it but leaving a space unsewn so that I could turn it right side out and insert the pillow form.  I then hand stitched it closed.  Voila'!  

I think it looks pinkish from farther away...

I am so happy with them.  It was a great project for a rainy day.

My other project yesterday came after a text from my sister in law Paula - my niece in love and nephew had their second boy!  He came two days before her scheduled csection.  So the project?  Why watching for Facebook statuses of the family!  I knew they would have photos up as soon as they could and I wanted to see him!

This is my brother Robert, with my nephew Ryan and his TWO sons!  Cayden is the big brother and his little brother is Camden! They live in California and the way we keep in touch is through Facebook, email and texting!  Now my project for today is to get Camden's quilt into the mail, along with a knit hat for each boy.  My parents now have 3 great-grandchildren - my brother is a Popi and I am a Grandma!  Multigenerational family.  I love it!  We are eagerly anticipating December because my niece Jill and her husband Rodney are having a baby boy!  The family is growing!  So exciting!


jean said...

Congratulations on new baby boy into the family tree! Guess he knew more than the doctor :)
Love the ticking stripe pillows. So pretty!

Phyllis said...

Love the pillow!!

Mama to 12, so far said...

Awww! He is so beautiful! Congrats Aunt!

I love that material on the pillow. You did a wonderful job.

Unknown said...

I want to make my granddaughter a pillowcase dress.

Have you ever made one? I’d love to have some feedback.


Becky K. said...

I ran into your Mom and Dad at the store today. It was so nice to get to chat about little Camden. Of course it is always nice to see your parents. They are 'da bomb!

Love that pillow. It is so country chic!

Tracy said...

Congrats on the new nephew. beautiful children.

Vee said...

John's daughter and granddaughter arrived today from Florida with a little great-grand in tow. Such a cutie pie. I love to see the look on these guys faces when they are so clearly smitten. All the best to the growing family!

Your pillows came out beautifully!

Tracy said...

You are so industrious! I'm impressed. And that new baby sure is adorable, too!

no spring chicken said...

I love Waverly, I love ticking stripe and I love red!! Great pillows.

Congratulations on the ever expanding family. He's beautiful.

Blessings, Debbie

Ronda said...

Hello sweet Deanna,

I so wish I could sew as well as you. Your pillow is lovely, just as is the rest of your home.

Congrats on the new baby in the family.

Love & Prayers,

Cheryl said...

I love your new pillows! And I agree with the Waverly, love ticking, love red. (Also love that your fabric was a bargain!)

Sometimes it just takes the investment of a little time to give our home (and ourselves) a lift. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Kahli said...

Very cute pillows! Great job on getting that bargain! Congrats on addition in the family

Unknown said...

I love ticking, and your pillows look great. I love squishy pillows too. Congratulations on the addition to your extended family.


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