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Sunday, December 11, 2011

In The Bleak Mid Winter

It is not bleak or mid winter here, but this song is so beautiful I have to share it every year.

I also wanted to share a post Lindsay blogged about a sketch she did last evening.  I am in awe of how gifted she is...


  1. Exquisite. The rendition and the video itself. Thank you ♥

  2. Deanna, this song is gorgeous! I have never counted this song among my favorites...but after hearing this version, I am going to re-think that!

    (And thank you for your words of comfort regarding my friend Ann who is "home free." I will pray for your friend who also suffers from ALS.)

  3. my favorite type music.
    thank you for sharing. now to check
    out that link of lindsay's. :o)


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