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Saturday, December 10, 2011


 What started out as this

 Is now this!  A sweet, perfect wee hat for my darling grandgirlie...

 I wasn't sure where to hang our stockings this year, and Lindsay came up with this idea!  It is hanging on our front door which is rarely used but is right where we can see them all the time!  I got these great stockings for Rachel, Sarah and Kyle several years ago from the Pottery Barn Kids Outlet store!  All the rest of our stockings are hanging behind them.

They are hung in age order Rachel's, Sarah's, and Kyle's.

 I am sewing today - Christmas dresses for Rachel and Sarah.  This is Rachel's choice for fabric - it is a deep red (as you know my camera has issues). 

 This is what I chose for Sarah - she didn't care.  When I showed her she got very excited.

I am using Jennie Chancey's 1780's Portrait Dress Pattern. This is a photo from the Sense and Sensibility Patterns website!  Isn't it cute?

 These babies needed a good cleaning so the girls got baking soda and warm water and a soft cloth and cleaned them up.  They look so much better!

Oh, and for those of you who are interested in how Katerina is doing click here. I am in awe of this living example of how God rescues us.  Katerina did not know she needed rescuing.  She was living the only life she knew - but God reached down and saved her.  I am deeply grateful to my Savior for His tender mercies...


  1. Though I expected God to do His work in Katerina's life, I confess that I am in total awe of what He has been doing. It's incredible and so very like Him! So many analogies here for our own lives.

    Love the stocking hanging spot. It works and you all get to see the sweet stockings. (John's and mine are hung on the bedposts where no one gets to see them.)

    Sweet little hat, too. That'll keep the grandgirlie nice and warm. It is getting chilly. Brrr...

  2. I have been following Katie's progress ever since I saw your first link to their blog. What a blessing it has been to see God's working in this situation. :o)

  3. The pinky cap is darling. You must have had fun knitting with that yarn. I like the blue fabric. It looks Regency, indeed.
    I see that you list Michael W. Smith as a favorite music artist. I heard that he is coming to Lancaster.
    Karen A.

  4. That little hat is so sweet! I like where you've hung the stockings. One year I hung ours on the back of the dining room chairs.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. about katerina ::
    tears. i'm so blessed to see
    with full clarity what our Lord
    is doing in her life.


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