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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Beginning and Ending of My Day

Tim's cellphone rang early this morning, about an hour before his alarm usually goes off.  Our son Nate, on his way home from work and dropping a co-worker off at home, had a problem with his truck.  Don't ask me, I basically know what it was but am not going to try to explain and embarrass myself! I tagged along since I had planned to take Tim to work this morning anyway and we knew that we would be going straight there after helping Nate get home.  In the photo Tim is hooking the tow line onto Nate's truck.

After a beautiful day yesterday, it was frosty overnight and the morning was chilly...
 The sun is rising over the valley.  I could tell that today was going to be a lovely day, too.

After we towed Nate home, I dropped Tim at work and came home.  I got the kids started on their schoolwork and when they were done, they left with Lindsay to spend the afternoon with friends.  

Emily and I watched Kamryn while Kay was at work and while Emily did some clean up from yesterday, I worked on store business.  I had quite a list and am so delighted that I got the majority of it done.                            

Emily took Kamryn to get Kay from work, they ran some errands and then picked up Tim.  They had a delay from locking the keys in the van, but Lindsay was able to rescue them!  They are now at my parents house fixing the truck and having dinner.  Lindsay brought me some dinner and she and I are going to watch a movie.  A nice way to end the day.

 Irish Breakfast tea - we drink it all day long - hot or cold!
As dusk came on I started to light some candles.  Do you light candles even when it is just for you?  I do.
 We deep cleaned the kitchen and living room on Saturday and rearranged the living room space.  I like it very much.  Cozy, comfortable.  We had 19 people come over for lunch after church and with our 7, and Kay and Kamryn we were quite a crew!  With the nice day the kids played outside, the kids were able to ride horses and have pony rides.  The women visited in the living room for a while and the men were at the dining table.  Drinking coffee, discussing spiritual things. 

 After picking up from yesterday and clearing my store paper work, the concordance is all that is left on the table...

 In the lantern I am burning a delightful candle called "Irish Moss" made by my friend Becky.  That is her Etsy store link on my sidebar.  You would not be sorry to have this candle!  The perfect green for spring and a soft delightful scent as well!  If you her candles are soy and she uses hemp wicks.

 I moved the bookcase from the end of the hallway back into the living room, near the front door.  It has left the hallway barren, but I kind of like the open space and it was the perfect spot for little visiting girlies to play dollhouse yesterday!

The sky as dusk was settling in...

 Then my friends, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus came out to play...

 How was your day?


  1. You got me at pony rides! I loved pony rides as a child, and then riding horses. You had a full day. My day highlight was having lunch with a fellow Christian author, and we shared writing and personal stories.

  2. I had a good day....and it is coming to an end with the Daytona it!!

    I have a tea light burning on the dining room table and a hot chocolate one lit in the kitchen.

    Now, to take every opportunity to run batches of candles through on commercials.

    Thanks for mentioning the Irish Moss candle. I am so happy with that scent. Glad to hear that it is soft because I was afraid it would be overwhelming....I have yet to light one. I just smell it as I make them.

  3. Well here at club Geezer , Emma is resting on the sofa, the men are watching the race, I would love to watch the race with them but I am playing games with the younger girls. Nate is eating and he and Kay are in the kitchen with Kamryn. Nate will soon be off to work now that his car in fixed (PTL) and before long I will be bed. It has been a good day!!

  4. Sometimes I light one of Becky's candles just for myself...I'm still rather partial to the pumpkin.

    What a busy, busy day. If you had known about it yesterday, you might have been tempted to fret. As it was, everything worked out well.

    Great celestial line-up!

  5. What beautiful photos you have to go with this great post.
    You have a very lovely home!
    I so enjoy sitting around the table discussing spiritual things :-)
    Sounds like you had a full and wonderful day to me!
    Mine was spent enjoying the company of my eldest son who is here visiting..but you already know that,lol!
    blessings to you, Deanna.
    love ..Trish

  6. Sounds like you had a busy but fulfilling day! Ours was rather quiet. My vehicle is in the shop, so we were home. I could have taken my husband to work, but there was nothing terribly pressing that required me being out of the house today, so I stayed put. I love "at home" days, although I was not as productive as I could have been...making up for the more-than-busy weekend, I guess. :-)

    And, yes, I burn candles just for me! It's always a good time to light a candle!

    (We really must make that tea date!)

  7. Still recovering from a cold here. Christopher stopped by yesterday on his way to work and he's still trying to get over it!

    I had to smile when I saw the Strong's Concordance. Hubby and I have wondered what it will be like for people who only use Strong's on the computer.

    Part of the fun of using it is dragging the enormous book to the table (he always says you have to be STRONG).

  8. Oh good, you got some pictures of the moon with Jupiter and Venus! I saw it between the clouds here but didn't take a picture. Mine always turn out so blurry.

    I'll have to try the Irish Moss candles next. They sound great!


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