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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Issues - Update!

 I believe the malware issue is taken care of!  Vee mentioned that her warning was tied to a certain blog, and that the blog had been notified of having malware on their blog.  This blog was on my sidebar so I removed it and then Vee had no problem opening my blog and reading.  Thanks for your help Vee and Debbie, too!

Now, I am off to finish my blog reading AND to hopefully find a background I am happy with!

A few ladies told me that they get a malware warning when they pull up my blog.  My anti-virus is showing nothing is wrong.  I am trying to change my background and just put up something for now.  

I also am going to check links.  If you are having this issue would you email me at and let me know the following:

1. What browser you are using; Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox

2. Did this happen since I changed my background to the Valentine's background, or have you had this message previously?

3. Are you getting the message when trying to open the blog or just a specific post?

I am thinking that it may be linked to the background I used...



  1. Ta Da! Whatever problem it was, is gone now. ;>

    Now that you know it's not one of the background sites, perhaps you'll go shopping.

    Off to find out what else I've missed out on.

  2. No problems here! Hope it gets worked out. :o)

  3. I wanted to comment yesterday and was scared away... especially after the morning we had had with our mess! I'm glad everything seems to be back to normal!


  4. I received the warning the last two times I came over. I think it was last night and this morning, maybe. I am using Internet Explorer. I'm not sure about the Valentine's theme. I hadn't checked blogs for a few days, cause I've been fairly busy. It popped up as soon as I opened your blog. I didn't get it when I just now came over! Good Luck! What a pain!

  5. So glad you were able to get at the root of the problem. Computer issues are truly out of my realm. Anything that I know, I learned from my kids. Fortunately for me, I have had kids in the house since we got our first computer. Not sure what I'll do when the last one leaves home. I'll probably be phoning or e-mailing one or more of them with frequent pleas for help!

    I keep chuckling at your comment about the bird cookies. :-D We will probably be too humiliated to post any pictures of our decorated birds, after showing the very high standard of excellence in that linked photo!


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