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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tea With Friends

I love having tea, and having tea out with friends?  It's the best!
 We went to a really nice tea room called Sugarplums and Tea. 
Each of us ordered the same lunch, but different tea.  We had their Garden tea which included a lovely salad and fruit cup, a chicken salad open faced sandwich and a Lemon Poppyseed scone with lemon curd.  It was delicious!  So delicious not one of us thought to take a photo of our beautiful plates!

 We did however remember our camera's after we'd eaten so we started to take photos then  Becky is working on a photo of the flowers here.
 Here is my photo of the flowers...

 Pretty sugar...

 My Irish Breakfast tea - looseleaf - in a bag - they used as much tea for my wee pot as I would for my bigger got strong very quickly! 

 Cute kitty creamer

 My Mom - the ringleader of this outing!  We were so happy she suggested it!

 Kelly - listening to the waitress.  She and I share a real love of tea.  We all were plotting about which tea shop to go to next!

 Some of the lovely teas they have for sale by the ounce and the wee tea pots too!

Real tea leaves...note the long pieces.  Tea in most tea bags is very short and so you get less flavor...and Lipton?  It's pretty much tea dust!

We had a great time, talking, sharing, laughing.

I am thankful for these ladies - my dear friends - and I am thankful for the chance to set busyness aside and enjoy a sweet afternoon.

Guess what I noticed yesterday?  The forsythia is beginning to bloom!


  1. "Tea dust"... heehee! =)
    Glad you ladies had a good time. Those little tea pots are so cute and colorful!

  2. It really was a delightful way to spend a couple of hours. I'm thankful for your friendship and look forward to more of these outings!

  3. Wow...can spring be far behind? That's it. I'm going out to get some forsythia to force.

    Oh a tea outing. Your mother is so smart! You made me laugh with the description of Lipton's tea.

  4. Trying the Press and Seal idea tomorrow!! I guess Tea sound a whole lot better!! Been Spring cleaning since Jill's cat left! It actually feels like Spring today! It is almost five and the front door is open! Loving it!

    Listen to Doris Day sing Tea for Two on Spotify!! I play Calamity Jane/soundtrack and Evan just LOVES that!!! NOT

  5. On Bekah's 10th birthday last April, we went to a tea room. It was a first for me...but I wonder what in the world took me so long! What a delightful experience it was! And we made memories that will linger for a long time...

    Thanks for sharing your tea time with us. Friend time is such a gift, isn't it?

    You have been a real inspiration to me this week.


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