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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am here to sing the praises of my sewing machines!  They are Kenmores from Sears.  These two machines worked hard this past week, resting only when we did.

Here are the girls and I in our dresses.  You can't see Rachel very well, but her dress is a beautiful light blue with a black sash.
 These fabrics are true to color in the above photo but not in this one.  I took it when I was working on them, but not all of them were finished yet.

 Rachel, Lindsay, Sarah, Emily....

 Emily took inspiration from Downton for hers.  We did black lace overlay for the bodice and then the same lace for the sleeves.

 I think it turned out beautifully...

 I really loved my dress.  The black underskirt was planned but the black in the bodice as a last minute way to save the bodice.  I cut it too large and didn't have enough fabric to make a new bodice.  So I cut a "v" out of the front and inserted a "v" of the skirt material.
It really added interest and made the dress, I think.  

 Beautiful black lace on the sleeves...

I love this dress. 

I love Jennie Chancey's patterns. I learn more every time I use one to sew.  I also followed a series of posts she did about making her own dress using a different Titanic era pattern of hers.  Seeing her boldness in adapting a pattern made me bolder too!



  1. All of the dresses were beautiful. Yours and Emma's were my favorites even thought I loved all of them.

  2. Beautiful ladies! I love your dresses, especially all the rich colors. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I agree about Jennie's patterns. I've only made the Regency dress (quite a few of them) and the Edwardian apron, but they are so great to use.

  3. oh fantastic! I love costuming and it looks like you guys had some great inspiration!

  4. I love these dresses. And yours is stunning! (How surprised I am to learn that the bodice inset was actually a mistake! Wish all my "mistakes" could turn out so beautifully.)
    You gals were the belles of the ball!

  5. I love them all! I wish that I had the skill to whip up a dress. My ability hovers near curtain panels and napkins.


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