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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Last fall a young woman I've known since her girlhood asked if I would like to have some tulip bulbs.  She works at our very favorite garden and had some bags of bulbs that were given to her.  I jumped at the chance and said "Yes, please!"

It took a while but Rachel, Sarah, Kyle and I got nearly fifty tulips planted and then we waited.

It was worth the effort.

 Most of them were planted within my cottage garden space...

 A beautiful variety of colors and sizes.

 They are making me so happy...

 This coloration is gorgeous...

 See what I mean?

 I love seeing them against the picket fence...

 And mixed in with the Feverfew...

 I wanted to bring in more spring time color this year and these tulips have been the perfect thing...

My favorite flowers are roses and peonies, but these tulips are high on my list!

What are your favorite flowers?  


  1. The tulips are so lovely! What a beautiful walkway they make in your garden!!

  2. What a beautiful cottage garden you have! I can imagine the thrill in your heart when you step out your door!

    I don't have too many flowers in my "flower" beds. Some white roses which were free; the creeping phlox in front of our house (which I really like); some lily of the valley, so sweetly scented; and some columbine yet to bloom...

  3. Completely charming! It makes me want to plant 50 tulip bulbs.

  4. I would love to have that right outside my door. It's beautiful. I have asked some folks with green thumbs if I could grow tulips here.
    I get mixed answers to whether THEY could, but they all agree that the chances of ME growing them are slim and none.

    I love yours.

  5. Oh your tulips are gorgeous! Tulips, peonies, roses and daisies are my favorite flowers.

  6. Since I adore tulips and white picket fences, I love this post! Gorgeous!


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