Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days - Happy Birthday To Me!

I don't know what season I am in exactly but I suppose it is the Autumn of my life.  I intend to have a very long Autumn season, if you get my meaning!

A lesson I have learned from my mother in law is to Praise Him regardless of the circumstances of your life.  I believe this view and her love of serving others have given her a long life well lived.  She has travelled the world, both as a missionary and as the wife of a retired career Air Force man.  But the thing that has given her the most joy in her life besides seeing her family walk with the Lord, is her life focused on others.  This is not something that she even is conscience of, it is just a part of the very fiber of her being.  

I want to be this kind of person.  So I serve my family, reach out to others, love on our church family.  In return I have been so blessed that I find myself full of Joy.

In the Autumn of our lives it is so important to live life with purpose!  We must make deliberate choices for what we will focus on, what we will allow to consume our days.  

All of us have struggles, some are harder to deal with than others.  Some of you live in chronic pain, like my sister in law does.  Yet, she still helps out with watching one of her grandsons, and spends time with the other two.  She makes gifts of her beautiful stitcheries, and blesses other people through giving these gifts.  She decided to focus on what she could do, rather than what she can't do.  

This is how we can learn to LOVE our life right where we are!  This is so important!  To be content with what we have been given, is a great gift.  I think that in the years to come, this will be a valuable lesson that so many of you will be able to pass on to your loved ones, as we go through hard times.  I was so delighted to see that so many of you are happy and content with your season of life!

Tomorrow, we'll talk about learning to love our lives even in the difficult seasons.  I'm enjoying this series, I hope you are too!

The birthday girl in Scotland in August.


  1. The posts that you are writing for this series are so full of wisdom! I believe that women will learn and will be encouraged no matter what season they are currently in.

    I pray that this is one of the best birthdays you've ever had! Birthday blessings to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Bonnie Deanna! (I think that's a proper Scottish greeting. Pretend it is if it isn't.)

    I agree with what you said here. Believe it or not, I'm actually happy with the autumn season of my life. The one thing that Satan tries to do to steal that is to tempt me to worry ahead of myself about the future. If I don't let him and stand firm in the wise words of the Savior that tomorrow has enough worries of its own, I am so much more content.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    We love you so much!

  4. you're a beautiful birthday girlie .. and well loved by oh so very many, for oh so very many reasons. {{{.hug.}}}

  5. I am enjoying your posts. You are expressing your thoughts well. And as an aside, I'm a decade ahead of you, but I love the one you are entering into. It is a very good time of life.

  6. I am also enjoying this Series! Have a blessed and beautiful Birthday dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Happy Birthday! I am also enjoying your post very much!

  8. Seems like a booklet to preserve when you are done to give to your children. I wish you the sweetest of birthdays!

  9. Happy Birthday! I echo the others, when I say that I am enjoying this series. Take care.

  10. Happy Birthday Deanna!

    What a wonderful post!

  11. Hope that your birthday was a blast! What a cute photo, too. Great smile, beautiful eyes, can't beat the hat!

    It is wonderful to have older women to mentor us either by example or counsel. I know that I have so appreciated the women in my life who took on that mothering role. Only one was my mother, but so many have mothered or nurtured. Wonderful.

  12. Thanks for the encouraging words!about me Dee!
    Life isn't always easy but with my Grandson's I play as best I can and pay the price in pain later! But it is so worth it to love them and play cars with them and yes, even TRY to run because I want to be a Part of their little lives!


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