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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Economics Class - Big Project

The girls and I have been busy with a project for our home economics class.

We are helping our friends, who do the class with us, to make over three rooms in their house.  This is a big job but it's been fun, too.

One week we had a planning meeting.  What did they want to do in these rooms.  The girls had been sharing a room and were now going to each have their own room, and we were going to make a family room in the space off the kitchen.

These friends life in a huge house, but it is a rental and they don't have the option to paint right now, so all color is coming in through curtains, bedding, throw rugs etc.

We shopped on Monday and then went over yesterday and set up the new bedroom, which is the older sisters room and see wanted a light, tropical feel to her room.  

We also were able to find a sheer curtain in this exact color for her window.  It looks so pretty.  We also found a piece of canvas print art that has tropical huts and a gorgeous ocean with similar colors to her bedding.  This room is really coming together, and she has a color jar this color and is planning to get some shells from her grandmother's house to bring home and use in her room.  

The second sister is an lover of horses and the outdoors so her room is going toward a western theme.  We are going to have to order her bedding online because we can't find anything suitable locally.

She is keeping the large room that was shared by the sisters.  We moved furniture around in here and hung up some of her accessories, but it won't be finished until the bedding is here and we need to find curtains.

This room is coming together and really suits the girl who lives in this room.  She is a girl who doesn't like change at all.  She was reluctant to have us move the furniture, and wasn't sure what she thought about it all.  But before we left she really liked it.

Their mom sent me these photos from her phone, and I don't have any photos of the space that is going to be a family room.  But we cleared a lot of stuff out of that space yesterday, and it is ready to be worked on.  We are looking for a few leather love seats for this space, and we have a red cabinet and a beautiful area rug, and red curtains.  It is going to be warm and cozy in this space and perfect for hanging out in the heart of the home - the kitchen area!

The girls are learning so much.  Budgeting, planning, how to use color in a space.  They are learning how to arrange seating, the use of an area rug to anchor a space, to think outside the box and to use things that you love in your rooms.

It's fun, exciting and exhausting!  

What are your thoughts?  Any suggestions for things to cover with the girls on this project?


Theresa said...

I call these life lessons! They will remember what they have learned and use it over and over! Beautiful! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Ginny said...

What a great project!


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