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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You're Going To Love This - Giveaway!

When we were in Florida in September, we went to a Lilla Rose house party that my niece was hosting.

I didn't expect to buy anything as my hair is fine, though curly, and most hair 'things' fall slide off easily.  Well, the consultant let us try them on and do different hair styles with them, and I found that the mini flexi worked great in my hair and that the headband did not slide off my head!  My girls ended up liking several things too so we placed our order and have been happy with it.

Then my niece Melissa became a consultant.  She asked if I'd like to host a blog giveaway and because I know how great these products are, I said "Yes!"

So here is the deal - The winner of this drawing will get to pick a flexi or other product worth $16.00!  There is a lot to choose from in this price range.

Here are some photos of Melissa and her sister Crystal wearing some flexis.

To see more product click on the Lilla Rose to go to Melissa's business page.

So how do you go about entering this giveaway?

I like simple.  Go to Melissa's page - click on the go shopping link at the upper right hand corner and see what Lilla Rose has to offer.

Come back here and leave a comment about a product you liked.  If you are the winner you are not obligated to pick this item, but just let me know what you found interesting or pretty etc.

Simple.  Easy.  

Melissa is a sweetheart.  If you have any questions you can feel free to contact her through her Lilla Rose website.   Also she blogs at Life Through My Lens, and is a wife and a Momma to two delightful Hobbits.

We'll draw the winner on Monday.

Happy Entering!


  1. So many pretties to choose from! I love the Sparkling Clear Aurora Borealis headband and Princess Tiara Dangle:) ALL SO beautiful! Have a blessed day and thanks for the opportunity! HUGS!

  2. I would love a crystal head band. love your blog!!!

  3. These look lovely in your niece's hair. I like them all but maybe the pearl headband the best.

    Your new curtains look great! Don't you love it when you come upon a bargain. It makes it worth the wait and especially as they are exactly what you wanted,
    Also your new bathroom paint looks great! I love that color. Your toile shower curtain -- is it-- is exactly what we have in our den.

  4. I love the circle stone bobby pins, but a lot of the headbands are pretty, too!

  5. Were I to win, I would either choose something for my daughter or let her choose for herself. I think she would like the 2-0748 Celtic Knot Flexi.

  6. I like everything- but would probably try the hair sticks..They are beautiful and would really create a fun look. Trying to pick my favorite- probably the freestyle or Autumn Sticks.

  7. I have looked at these before, but never ordered because I can't decide which size flexi-clip I'd need.

    That said, I really like the Elegant Ornate or the Stone Cluster Aurora Borealis flexi-clips.

    Thanks for the chance! It's nice to know I can order one from your niece if I ever make up my mind. ;-)

  8. So many beautiful options! What a great way to pretty up your hair for a special event. I like the flexi circle stone in emerald best.

  9. I think the Flexi Hair Clip's are beautiful and a great alternative to the boring hair tie.

  10. For anyone who might need help finding their right flexi clip size here is a great video:

    I also put up a chart on my Lilla Rose facebook page that might help.

  11. How beautiful!! I LOVE the Cat's Meow mini flexi and the Copper Rose U-Pins. So elegant!

  12. Everything is so pretty it's hard to choose. But I liked the Fancy Blossom Dangle.

  13. I haven't entered because, as you know, my hair is kind of short...but all of my daughters have long(ish) hair. I'll bet they would like the Flexi-Oh for ponytails.

    These hair products are quite pretty!


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