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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Home Keeping - Dish Love

I've mentioned my love of dishes a time or two, though this last year, we passed on to Goodwill some of my less loved dishes.  I do not have tons of dishes, but I do have red plates, white plates and bowls, white china plates with a silver rim, and Pfaltzgraff Winterberry plates that I bought from the outlet 19 years ago for about $3.00 a plate.

Yesterday, I found a pattern that I have been eyeing for a long time, but the cost has been prohibitive.  I am a thrifty shopper, my white china was bought several years ago at Target on clearance after Christmas.  Twelve plates cost me $12.99!  I am not one to go out and spend, spend, spend.

Do you want to know what pattern I found?

Ah! It's The Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers!  I only bought two dinner plates, two salad plates and two bowls, but I am planning to get more.  I'd be happy with just the dinner plates.  The price of these beauties were only $3.99 a piece and I had a 20% off coupon!  I was so excited.  Rachel says she knows what she's getting me for Christmas!

We host a lot of meals in our home, for example this Thanksgiving we will have 20 people for the meal, so I don't really feel badly for collecting dishes.  We use them! 

 Now don't get me wrong, on Sundays we've resorted to paper plates, but for many years we did regular dishes, because it is easy to wash plates, but many people are uncomfortable if they come to a large gathering and the hostess has 'real' dishes out.  So paper it is for Sundays. 

 And while I am pretty casual about meals on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving is all about the meal, so we go all out with real dishes and fancy place settings.  I may ask for these dishes as an early Christmas gift so we can all enjoy The Friendly Village.


  1. That's an excellent price. I've never been able to find any bowls after years of looking.

    Make sure your gift givers know there is a teapot available. While the vintage teapot sells for a lot, the new ones are just a little over $40.00 (which is inexpensive for such items).

    I was just comparing mine to a vintage coffee server I bought at the antique mall for less than $10.00 because the lid had a chip. You really can't tell the old and new apart except the new Friendly Village tends to be heavier.

    I am SO excited for you. :)

  2. I DO like this pattern very much! I don't personally have it (nor will I - my cupboards are full), but I couldn't pass up some drinking glasses in this pattern! The price was just TOO right. I use them with my white Phalzgraf dishes during the winter.

  3. I'm a dish lover, too. Isn't it odd that people are uncomfortable eating off of real plates?

  4. That is an amazing price! I didn't look far enough when shopping at Target yesterday! I'd love to have some coffee mugs so will try to remember this!

  5. Just was being snoopy and read your comments. I followed Brenda's good advice and received my FV teapot by using her widget to Amazon. Must get it out as it is time. Having both old and new, I also notice that the new is heavier and the colors are brighter. My vintage plates are more muted. I'm still finding this exciting as those who love the pattern will be able to have it without totally breaking the bank. Win-win!

  6. I didn't read carefully enough! You mentioned Target, but that was where you got your white dishes.

  7. Oh, I am so excited for you! I know you have been looking for Friendly Village dishes for a while now...and your patience and tenacity have paid off!

    They are such warm and cozy dishes, aren't they? When I found mine, I felt like I had hit the jackpot!


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