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Saturday, September 13, 2014

A New Season Of Life

Today was the day.  We got Emma all settled in her room at her school.  Her roommate is a young woman from Mongolia.  They found out that they both love coffee.  They are off to a harmonious start! 

Emma looking through one of her books for this year.  Her bed is high - she has tons of storage underneath the bed.

 Here is the pretty bedding we bought for her.  It's very Emma.

 A shot of some of the important things in her life - coffee, Nutella, jewelry, her perfume.
 Here is her desk.

 Her roommate (a second year student) Onon - pronounced Ah-nahn got her flowers and emergency chocolate!  

 Her books for this year.

 The campus is beautiful.

 There was a banquet tonight and then the staff and students were all introduced.

Afterwards there was a lot of chatting.  This cute gal in the striped shirt is a friend Emma has from 3 years of youth conferences.  She is a first year student too.

 Ben (from our church) is an intern at the school this year.  He stopped to chat a bit after helping serve at the banquet.

Listening to one of the staff members sharing tonight we know we are leaving our girl in such a wonderful place.  Emma will have the opportunity to study the Word for two years alongside those who love God and His word.

She will have struggles ahead, but God is working such beautiful things into her life.


  1. I'm excited for Emma.
    How fun to get a peek into her new home away from home. The school looks pretty and full of great people.

  2. It sounds like this will be a beautiful growing experience for Emma.

  3. Watchman Nee! (One of her books).. love. Praying for your daughter. How very exciting. Hugs.

  4. Such a sweet post!! I know you will miss Emma's daily presence there at home, but how reassuring to know that she is walking with the Lord and is following His plan for her life!

  5. Oh, the treasures of learning from the books, from the lives of professors, from her classmates...Looks like a wonderful setting for further formation and growth in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior!

    The bedding is really attractive! I somehow am transported back to my own college days at Moody Bible Institute over 40 years ago when I see that desk and stack of books...

  6. What a special two years for Emma and a privilege to devote time to studying God's Word.

  7. Anyone who loves coffee has to be the perfect roommate! ;)


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