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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update On Lindsay

Thank you all for your concern for Lindsay and for praying for her.  It's been a frustrating three weeks, but this week she finally got a diagnosis.


After the nurse called with the lab results, she looked up the symptoms of Mono and texted me.  "I have every one of the symptoms."

They have put her on Prednisone.   She is beginning to feel better, thankfully.

Brewing Irish Breakfast tea.  We drink it hot and cold all day long!


  1. I had mono when I was 16 years old. Not a pleasant experience. So sorry your daughter has been enduring this illness. And thankful for prednisone!

  2. Mono! Who would have thought it? I honestly didn't. I hate the thought of Prednisone because it's such a pain to take steroids, but I do know that it's good stuff for a knock out punch, and that's what we want to do to the mono.

    Grateful for answers and solutions and the brains God gives those He calls into the healing professions.

    Hoping and will pray that all is 100% soon.

  3. Oh dear! Thankful for answers, and hoping and praying that she is soon feeling like her old (young!) self!!

    (On a totally unrelated note, I love seeing your autumn Pinterest board in the sidebar. Autumn warms my heart!)

  4. Poor darling....that was a long time for a diagnosis wasn't it? She will hopefully, begin to feel better and enjoy good health! So thankful!

  5. I'm thankful for a diagnosis. Both my girls had mono - one as she was finishing university and getting ready to be married, the other right after her marriage. Rest, rest, rest. I'll be thinking of her.

  6. Oh... I am shocked that it took so long to get a diagnosis and sorry that Lindsay has this. My sis had it in high school and it took a long while to get "over" it. They did not prescribe prednisone for her, but I know that it is a helpful medication when needed. Say, I am wondering about your opinion and your dad's on the vote in your favorite corner (other than the U.S.)

  7. Prayers for Lindsey! Love your teapots!

  8. I've been wondering and thankful you got an answer. She's just the age when that seems to come. Hopefully she'll feel better soon. Prednisone is a wonder drug.

  9. Hope that with time, the meds, prayers, and the tea that Lindsey is soon feeling more like herself.

  10. Glad you have answers. Sorry she's sick. :(


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