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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Time Has Come

The Echinacea (purple coneflower) and the Black Eyed Susan's are finished for the year.  My front garden is looking like Morticia Adam's garden.  It's time to cut it back for the year.  

I like all the seasons of the garden, from all the freshly blooming plants in the Spring to the dormant garden of the winter.  The only reason I keep these flowers around as long as I do after they have gone to seed, is that the finches like to visit the coneflowers and eat at the seed heads.  

Can you see the little visitor we had the other day?

She wasn't as bright yellow as most, in fact she seemed a bit greenish, but she was sweet.

I may need to get the bird feeder out soon, because this garden is going to sleep tomorrow.


  1. Oh here, too! I still have a few black-eyed Susans...I'm always sad to see this season end. Late summer/early autumn are my favorite times of the year. (I guess I DO enjoy spring, too...)

  2. I agree with you...all of the seasons have their own beauty. I am so glad to live in a place where there are seasons. (Of course, I don't love them equally. Anyone who has heard me whine about summer and rave about autumn knows that! But I do love them all.)

    It's officially autumn on Tuesday! Yay!!

  3. It's hard to cut them back but that just means the Seasons are changing and a different beauty will be arriving:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I too love the change of seasons. Ours are modified down here but we grasp what we can. Our leaves are still green but before long they will turn and fall. Have a good week!


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