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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Update on Lindsay

Her labs show no sign of a UTI or Kidney infection (why did this take three days?) so with her swollen glands, fever and low white blood cell count, her primary doctor has taken her off the antibiotic that the urgent care doctor prescribed.  All signs point to a viral infection, which will just need to run its' course.  She is thankful, as the antibiotic was making her nauseous.

Thank you all for your prayers for her.  Will you continue to pray that the virus would be done - she has been sick for seven days now - and that her fever which broke earlier today will stay gone?  Thanks so much!


  1. Makes sense to me as a nurse! A bacterial infection usually causes white blood cell levels above normal not below. Will keep on praying.

  2. Oh will do. I'm sure she is glad you are nearby (or is she still home). There's nothing like mom when you are sick, no matter how old we are. Hope she heals soon.

  3. I will certainly continue to pray.

  4. That sounds like good news to me! Praying that she is feeling right as rain very soon!

  5. Joining you in continued prayer for complete healing! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!


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