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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gathering The Moments - September

September was packed with busyness for our family.  We went on a vacation and took Emma to school.  We got my parents off on a two week visit to California, and today we pick them up.  

I love this quote from George Eliot!  It is how I feel about the Autumn season.

We have been busy here at the cottage with school, and with life.  My friends' dad died suddenly last week, and they had to go out of state for the funeral.  We have been going over to their house twice a day to feed their dog and give her some attention.  She is such a good girl, she does not need to be kept in a crate.  Tim also mowed their yard yesterday and we took care of some of the housekeeping things that were in progress when they got the call.  I didn't want them to come home to any kind of work after such an emotionally draining week.

We've had a normal routine here at home.  School, meals, chores, frisbee, dishes, laundry.

 Trying out new hair styles on Kamryn


Enjoying a beautiful sunset last night.

Fun projects

 Lovely campfires

Historic Williamsburg

Missing my girl, but enjoying being able to text and have FaceTime with her.  She is doing well.

I am happy to see September slide away gracefully into October.  Looking forward to chilly weather, wearing boots and scarves, and hats.  My birthday is Friday.

Thanks for Gathering with me.

You can join us at Cheryl's beautiful blog Thinking About Home.


Vee said...

Happy Birthday week, Deanna! Your friends will feel so loved coming home to things well in control. Don't you love to do other people's chores at their house? I do. I'll be right down and do your dishes or whatever you'd like. Ha!

Lorrie said...

Early Happy Birthday, Deanna! Mine is later in the month.
You've had a wonderfully full September, too, as well as getting things back in order with schooling. I like the "back-to-order" nature of September, although there hasn't been too much of that yet, here.
Glad you can chat with your girl via Facetime. Technology is often wonderful.

podso said...

Normal looks good at your house. I passed along your cute craft idea some young moms. Enjoy the richness of autumn in October!

Elizabeth said...

Happy early Birthday! I feel the same way about Autumn!

Anonymous said...

What dear friends you are to step in to help your friends during this sad time. The internet makes communication with our loved ones so wonderful. Glad you can skype with your daughter. A Happy Birthday to you come Friday. I say start celebrating now!!

Cheryl said...

You have had a full September indeed...and filled with a mix of emotions too. Beginnings and endings and time marching on. I know that you are living each moment with grace.

Kamryn is darling! Her hair has really grown since her "self haircut" back in February. Funny girl! :)

Happy birthday to you! Go ahead...let the celebration begin!!

Thanks for "gathering" with me, these moments of September.

Debbie said...

Wonderful gathering, all the way around. I loved the picture of your daughter the best for some reason. I guess I just think she's lovely and like her smile. I know what it's like to miss a daughter.

I can't say that I'm sorry to see September go because I want Sept-Nov to linger, linger, linger!

Theresa said...

Prayers for your friend and the family!
Love this time of year:) Hope you enjoy your week leading up to your BIG DAY! HUGS coming your way!

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