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Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September

I find myself amazed that it is September.  What a summer we have had, and my heart is full as we move into my favorite time of the year.  We had many life changing events - deaths, weddings, baptisms.  It's been hard and wonderful.  

And goodness, it's not just the summer!  What a year!  Today marks Lindsay and Joseph's 6 month anniversary!  

Emma's last day at work was Saturday, so this week we are focused on school for Rachel, Sarah and Kyle, and packing and sorting for Emma.  Besides packing her things for school, we will pack up things that she wants to keep but doesn't often use.  Hopefully we'll get this room painted in the coming year, too.  

We have packing of our own to do as well.  Friday we will be heading to Williamsburg for a week.  Friends from church are coming too.  It's going to be fun, educational, restful.  Then we take our girl to South Carolina for school.  

It's another of those life changing events.  One that marks a pivotal moment in your life, and also in the lives of your children.  We are seeing God's hand at work.  

It will be strange to only have three kids at home on a regular basis now, and Kamryn, of course!  I am so thankful for having this time with her in the early, formative years of her life.

Here is a video of her singing in the car on Friday.  We'd gone to a nearby orchard to get apples and peaches.  We always listen to Rachel's iPod in the car and this is a favorite Chris Tomlin song.

I love hearing her sing!

On the Trim Healthy Mama front, I am still learning about it, but have been eating on plan, and in about 10 days I have lost a total of 7 pounds!  So encouraging and amazing!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. It's hard when children leave home - there's an emptiness for awhile. But know that you are launching her well.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss and I hope this is a good week as you prepare to empty the nest a bit more. I'm sure you have prepared her well. And have a good time in Wmsbg.

  3. I have had to catch up this morning and read the posts that I had missed.

    I'm so ferhoodled that I thought THIS PAST weekend was the weekend you were leaving for Williamsburg. I didn't realize that you had one more week to go. I know (as in reallllly know) how hard it's going to be to separated from your Emma. The photo (not from this post but from one of the others) of her being prayed over just blessed my heart.

    September has come too soon for me. I feel as if the year is flying by. Found myself in bed having a small anxiety attack (very small, not the usual kind) when I thought about it. There is no good reason for the anxiety. It just unnerved me.


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