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Monday, September 15, 2014

Things I'm Drawn To

 Jamestown Museum

 In the Jamestown Fort - Delft Tiles from Holland

 Jamestown Fort - Chest Detail

 Peyton Randolph House - Williamsburg

 The Randolph Silver - Originial - Williamsburg

 Elizabeth Randolph's Mirror - Originial - Williamsburg
 Elizabeth Randolph's bed - After Peyton's Death

 Yorktown Museum - Men's Waistcoat and trousers

 Yorktown Museum - China teapot - 1768

 Yorktown Museum - Woman's Jacket

Yorktown Museum - Same Jacket

Yorktown Museum - Women's shoes

I love the details of a person's life - how they lived, what they wore, how did they cook, what did they cook.  I should have been an anthropologist.  I guess I'm an amateur one!

Jamestown is early 1600's.  Williamsburg and Yorktown are 1770's.


  1. I am so much like you! I think I passed that gene down to both of my daughters too because we all love stuff like that. (Maybe their reading the American Girl stories helped a bit too.)

    My favorite shots are the ones from Williamsburg. I'm just an old soul in a not so old body.

  2. Oh, what treasures! I so thank you for sharing the tour!

  3. Nice to see these things that draw your eye. I especially like the delft tiles as i love anything Dutch and tiles such as this always remind me of the story of Heidi as there were tiles around the stove at the house down in the village, I think. I even collected some and arranged them as a back splash for my stove one time. Loved it!

  4. I also tend to be drawn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh that Delft tile! That silver tea set! The lovely dining table at the Peyton Randolph house! Swoon!


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