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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Prayer Request

Hey Everyone!

Would you pray for Lindsay?  She was sick last Friday with what seemed to be a virus of some sort.  When she wasn't better by Monday she went to the doctor and discovered she has a kidney infection.  Her white blood cell count is low, and they put her on an antibiotic.  She has a follow up appointment today. They were here last evening for dinner and a movie and she started to feel badly again.  I am taking her to her appointment today and Joseph has to be at work early today, so I made the offer for her to sleep over here if she wanted, and Joseph and Lindsay decided to have her do that.

Will you pray that the antibiotic will make some headway with this infection, and that the fever will end?  Also, that her white blood cell count will have back to normal?

Thank you.


  1. Praying! Please let us know how she is doing! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  2. I have prayed for your daughter. God bless you for being a praying mother.

  3. Praying for you sweet Lindsay, hope you feel better soon. Love and hugs xxx

  4. I have already been to the prayer chair this morning before bringing my coffee to Blogland. I will be heading back to lift your Lindsay.

  5. Praying that Lindsay is on the mend today.

  6. I so hope your daughter is feeling better. Having a sick child can be scary and worrisome. Prayers that today will be the turning point to good health!


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