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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Slight Obsession

Well, okay, I am not really obsessed.  I just really like them, especially the color ones and I find them very useful.

What am I talking about, you wonder?

Canning Jars.  There.  I've said it out loud.  We use them to drink from, we store things in them, we use small ones to hold salad dressings or peanut butter in Tim's lunches, we use them in the bathroom for cotton balls and Q-tips.  

The uses are endless.  Here are some of mine.

 Organic Irish Breakfast tea!

 My awesome drink dispenser from World Market!

 Old quart sized jars found at Fresh Vintage.

  I especially love these reusable ones!  I bought several at Terrain.

 The clips are easy to lift up and the seal is removable, too!

 The wide opening makes it easy to get your hand into the jar.

This little one is the one we use for Tim's lunches.  I found it at Goodwill.

Have you seen the new color for 2015?

                                    These can be found at Amazon.

So there you have it.  My little obsession. 

What are you obsessed with?  Do tell!


  1. Your jars are great, Deanna! I love glass jars and collect them here and there. The old blue Ball jars are in my kitchen window. I especially like jars with red lids. Sometimes I see them in antique stores for practically nothing. They are easy to store endless things and cleanup so nicely. I enjoyed seeing yours! Happy Valentine's day tomorrow! ♥

  2. I have some antique blue Ball jars but I definitely want to find some purple ones. A blogger I follow just installed a hanging blue canning jar light over her kitchen sink that looks very nice.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Okay, that's it! I'm going to World Market asap. I'd LOVE to have a jar with 'Yorkshire' on the front! It's my favorite place. Anyway, I too love canning jars. They're just beautiful. As the comment above mentioned, I also think that the hanging jars made into lamps are gorgeous.

  4. I like canning jars, but am not obsessed with them...yet. I do think that food stored in them tastes better than when in plastic. Hope that you are all enjoying a pleasant Valentine's Day!


  5. I can just imagine that Judith would have her eye out for a purple canning jar. I have not seen those yet. I do love the blue ones. I really enjoy using the shorter ones to hold votive candles.

  6. I like canning jars too. They really are handy for so many things. I didn't know the new color was purple. I got some of the blue and I'd like some the green. I don't think I work purple into my home thought :) Wish they'd have red!


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