Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prayers Please

Tim texted me from work yesterday to say he thought he had a kidney stone.  He had taken some pain reliever and said he felt better.  He has had these before and they usually pass very easily and quickly.

Not this time.  By time he was on his way home he was hurting.  He has been drinking a lot of fluids.  Last night he started to run a fever, low grade, but fever none the less.  This morning he is going to the doctor.

Please pray that this will pass quickly and that he will have no infection.

He's a hard one to keep down, so I imagine he'll be back to work tomorrow.

Thankful he'll have today to rest.


  1. I've heard having/passing a kidney stone is very painful. Prayers for your hubby Tim that there are no complications.

  2. Praying, I have had them for years, they are painful !

  3. Yes, praying now. Such a painful thing to deal with...have any Thieves in the house?

  4. Deanna, I'm praying for quick relief for your Tim! ♥

  5. That sounds terribly painful and I pray he will be healed quickly.

  6. Joining all in praying for Tim.

  7. So sorry for you honey :(
    Prayers coming your way.


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