Monday, February 9, 2015

Home Keeping: My Chalk Paint Project

So Saturday Tim and the kids were away for the day, and Kay and Nate were in and out moving stuff to their new place.  I was determined to do a painting project.

I don't know if you are like me, in that, I find I must be creative in someone on a regular basis.  Creativity here takes many forms - sewing, knitting, crochet, painting furniture, scrapbook journaling, baking, rearranging furniture, gardening.  All these feed my need to create beauty in my life.

After I washed up some dishes, I folded 2 huge baskets of laundry and then got busy on my project.

I did not go buy more paint in a new color, so the project had to be one that I wanted to be painted in Annie Sloan Emperor's Silk or Florence.

I decided to paint Tim's bedside table in Emperor's Silk to match my bedside cabinet.

 His cabinet was a free little cabinet we got from a friend years ago.  It was a soft white with a high gloss finish.  

 I gave it a light sanding, because of the gloss, but probably did not need to do that.

 I painted right in my bedroom.  I gave it two coats and then I lightly sanded with a very fine grit, and gave it a coat of clear wax.

 I like the way it turned out.  I will probably get new knobs for these drawers but it worked to just paint them for now.

So there you have it, my Saturday project.  I was done before everyone got home, and in time for me to make dinner.  

What do you think?  This is now the fourth project I have done with this quart of chalk paint.  Have you ever painted with chalk paint?  I know that jAne has.  She inspired me to try it in the first place several years ago.  


  1. Looks great! Very unifying!!

  2. beautiful job on that darling (i hope your hub's okay with me calling his cabinet darling) cabinet! love that it ties in perfectly with your own bedside cabinet. :) little tips: no pre-sanding needed, and when you're ready to distress your piece don't use sand paper. nope. after your piece is dry (after painting) use a wrung out wet sponge that has a rough side. go lightly of the areas you want distressed. cuts WAY down on any chalky film - to near zero. then wax. and buff.

    i love how your room looks..

    1. Thank you jAne! I was unsure about sanding before but chose too because of the finish on the cabinet. I did it after to get a really smooth finish, wasn't looking to distress it. But that is a great tip for the pieces I do intend to distress! I so love chalk paint! Knowing the colors of my home, what other Annie Sloan colors do you think would look nice? I was thinking of Paris Grey, Old Ochre, French Linen. I have living room side table to do, and I have a dry sink the would look great painted as well! Bring on the advice!

      And I think it is darling too, so I don't think Tim will mind you saying it either!

  3. Very nice, Deanna. Lovely color combination of bedding, furniture, and wall color. It reminds me very much of French Provencal color combos. ♥

  4. Great choice of projects, Deanna! Your (Tim's) cabinet looks fabulous! You have made your room such a lovely place to retreat.

    I am also taking note of jAne's pointers as I have a large piece of furniture that I am considering painting. It is a little daunting and I need all the advice I can get.

  5. The cabinet looks great! I've never used chalk paint. Maybe someday.

  6. Great job! I love that paint color with your bedding:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. It looks so nice there along side the bed. Good choice of paint. I have yet to use that paint but hope to someday.

  8. It's all looking so delightful! Love the colours you've chosen.

  9. Beautiful! You did a great job. I have used chalk paint a couple of times and love it too. I think it is really easy to use and love the way it looks and feels. Makes me want to do another project:)


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