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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Over the weekend, while Tim was on the mend, Rachel started to have some discomfort.  By Sunday night it was pretty miserable, so off to the doctor we went yesterday afternoon.  (I'm thankful they were able to get us in!)  It turned out to be a cyst and needed to be drained.  The best person for this task was available several hours later, so we needed to come back.

The only thing is we live about 40 minutes from this office and we did not want to go home in between.  That meant only one thing.  We would take the opportunity to go to the Clay Bookstore!  We love this bookstore because they have an awesome used book section!  

I'll show you one treasure I found there yesterday.

I have two of these already under the title "Hidden Art of Homemaking."  I am collecting them to give one to each of my girls, so they will have this inspiring book in their own collections.  The price on this book was $1.50!

We found some other treasures too, that I will share another day, but we were able to find some Lori Wick books to fill out some of our her book series, and also so old volumes of Dicken's Pickwick Papers and Little Dorit.  To my girls the look of the book, the bindings and covers are very important, as well, and these fit the bill.  I'll show you later this week!

Having sometime still to wait, we went to Middle Creek Wildlife Management area.  Soon the lake here will be full of snow geese and tundra swans making their migration north to Canada, but right now our temps have been so cold the lake is frozen and covered with snow!

Rachel and I drove around the lake and saw these guys ice fishing.

 We've eating a picnic lunch in this spot before!

 It was a beautiful day.

I can't wait to go back after things thaw out!  The sight of thousands of birds on this lake is stunning!

Well, back to the doctor's office we went and had the cyst drained. We are thankful and she is feeling so much better.

We came home to Sarah and Tim having made Big Mac Salad and then we watched the Downton Abbey Christmas episode from last season.

Today we are headed out soon for a field trip to Chick Fil A!  Seriously, we are getting a tour of the place!  It'll be so fun!

Back tomorrow with a nifty post about a fun project I got to do for  


  1. Oh my! I am glad that Rachel is now on the mend as well!
    What a great price for Hidden Art...and I love the cover too. I love that you're collecting copies for each daughter. Can't wait to see your other finds.
    You all take care more sickies!!

  2. You did have an eventful weekend. That is a great Edith Schaeffer find! (and the others too)

  3. Happy you got to the doctor! The snow is beautiful! Enjoy your day dear friend, I love CFA:)

  4. Glad everything went well! The snow pics are lovely!

  5. That's an excellent find, especially in such a good condition. I love my old (ancient?) copy that I've had since I was a bride.

  6. I have that edition of Hidden Art, but my copy is falling apart at the seams.

  7. I love finding inexpensive treasured books! I, too, look forward to seeing your other finds! Enjoy the beauty of the snowy days while they are here...spring is coming soon!



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