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Friday, October 2, 2015

Almost My Birthday

That's tomorrow, but for today, I'm putting on my new raincoat and heading out for groceries!

 My new raincoat.  Its navy blue.

I've got warm, comfy boots, a tunic and leggings on as the high today is going to be 55 degrees and breezy with rain.  I'm all set now, though yesterday I didn't have a coat at all.

Since losing 50ish pounds, my jackets were way too big and given away during the summer.  I still need to find a wool pea coat.  I've seen a navy blue one and I am thinking of getting that.  I used to have a read wool coat and I LOVED it, but I was limited on what color scarves I could where with it.  The navy would be neutral, and I love the color.

I'm also trying out different styles of clothes.  I used to love a really classic look, and I still do, but I am liking a nicer casual look, too.  I feel youthful, so I want to be comfortable in my clothes, but I don't want to look like a teenager either.  When I was heavier I was very self conscious about what I wore, and now while wanting to maintain my dignity, I am willing to try something new.  Like leggings and long tunics.

I am getting a haircut today also.  It should have been done before the wedding last month, so you can imagine how straggly my hair is!  My hair stylist,  Julie, manages my baby fine, curly thinning hair very well.

I'm still not sure what the plan is for tomorrow.  We've had rain, rain, rain this week and with Hurricane Joaquin headed up the East Coast, likely, we'll be having more!  So outdoor activities are out!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love your raincoat!! I love navy and I love checks, so this is great all the way around! How fun that you are exploring other fashion avenues. It's nice to have choices, isn't it?

    Happy day-before-your-birthday!!

  2. I love how I'm seeing lots of blue in the shops now. Your coat looks nice. Good for you in branching out your style! and have a very happy birthday tomorrow, rain and all!

  3. You are so cute! Have a happy day tomorrow...perhaps you'll share your new haircut and your new outfits. I love how you say that you feel youthful. I haven't felt youthful since I was eight. Ha!

  4. I love your new coat! Happy day before your birthday! Congratulations on losing so much weight, that is fantastic! It's rainy and nasty here too! We had a major catastrophe in our home this morning, so we have had windows open all day. I am going to turn into a frozen pickle! :-)

  5. Deanna, you are looking great, and your new haircut is fantastic!!

  6. Have a wonderful birthday, Deanna. Your new coat looks great. I love navy blue. Here's hoping the rain won't be too nasty.

  7. Friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so excited you get to try new looks! Text pics!! I miss seeing you in person!

  8. Happy Birthday dear friend! I love leggings and tunics:) Enjoy your day and I hope you find the perfect jacket! HUGS!

  9. Happy birthday to you and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada! Your raincoat is lovely! My birthday is on October 27th, I will be 59. So many birthdays in October. :)


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