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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Evening

 I got to the mowing late today.  I finished up as the sun was setting.

 You can see the reflection of a tree that's changing color - the one on the left

 It's this same tree behind Sandi.  She is eating her evening hay.  

The chickens go out for a bit in the early evening.  

This is some of them last night.

As the evening comes on I like to light candles and make our cottage cozy and inviting.

There is a string of lights up on top of the kitchen cupboards
 That's where this plate lives

 But this one is on the piano

The girls like to color coordinate the books to the season, and decor.  You can see the lights here and some grapevine garland and autumn leaves.  They give a beautiful glow at night, and help to make our home welcoming even if it is only for us.

Do you make your home cozy just for your own pleasure?  I've always decorated for myself first and have found that others feel welcome as well.


Vee said...

Your owl plate is gorgeous! No, I don't do a lot of candle lighting because John needs it bright, but I do put on my bay window lamp and call that cozy.

Lee Ann said...

I like the owl dish!

podso said...

Yes as dusk settles earlier, out come the candles. Very cozy I especially love it at the dinner hour and thereabouts. I think I see a GLH book I haven't read.

Rebecca said...

Candles = cozy to me. I forget to light them though.....
The seasonally color coordinated books = a great decorating idea. Thanks. (I definitely have books.)


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