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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Garden: Longwood

There is so much beauty at Longwood.  Every where you look is something interesting.

 Becky, Georgia, Bonnie and I met for lunch and then went to Longwood together.  It was a really nice day, and I'm glad we got to spend it together.

 The trees are so beautiful.

We walked down toward the Italian Water Garden.  That is one of my favorite areas in spite of the fountains being turned off at this time of year.

Then we walked up to the brick walk.  This walk is different all through the year.  They change out the plants seasonally, but it's always beautiful and interesting.
 Right now they have a lot of tall plants like the Cannas (in different colors) and also a lot of plants in the mint family, and lots of Dahlias, too.

  I was using my phone camera so sometimes the focus is off and I couldn't always get the right color, so I've played with the editing on some of them a bit.  The colors are so amazing in person!  I love gardens and plants and love to see the creative way that Longwood puts their plantings together!

 This is a nice area at the end of the brick walk.  The plantings are very different in here.  They seem like plants that would thrive in a more arid climate.  There were also nice benches to sit on.  
You can see in some of the photos that the sky was cloudy.  It was a breezy day and chilly!

Up to the Conservatory where I couldn't wait to see photos of the Fountain area.  I had heard about this project and it is going to be amazing when it is done.  It will be 2017 before it is completed.

 I took this panoramic photo of this space.  There is no curve in the railing in real life.  It is a huge project.

Inside the Conservatory.  This rotating sphere was interesting.

I always like to see the Bonzai.  They had several really old ones, including one from 1909!

In the courtyard between the greenhouses is this neat space with Water Lilies.  Again the flowers were a much deeper color in person, but I didn't want to edit these because I love the green against the dark water.

 I'm thinking of renewing my membership.  I just love it there and love to find places to sit and read and enjoy the beauty of these gardens!

Christmas is always nice at Longwood, so I think we'll definitely make another trip soon.

Judith, if you ever come here for your bucket list trip, I'd love to meet up with you!  It would be amazing to tour the gardens with a Master Gardener!


  1. What fun that Becky was along! She is how I first learned of Longwood. And wouldn't it be fun to have a gardener along for the day...oh the things to learn!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful scenes from Longwood!! We have been to Longwood three times, and my favorite was an autumn visit. There were huge displays of gourds...all colors and sizes. Last week, I stumbled over some photos that we had taken that day. The girls were so young, and I had dark hair. It's been a while!

  3. Fabulous gardens and nice that you toured them with another blogger.

  4. What a beautiful place. I feel like I've been there but it must be a similar place. What a perfect time of year to go to such a place and enjoy the fall colors.

  5. I've been there once. Years ago. I'd love to return - maybe in 2017 after the fountain area is finished?


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