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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dead Tree and A Nest

 We woke up to this tree having fallen in the night.

 Trees are so interesting.  They can look okay on the outside, while on the inside they can be decaying.  Many of us are that way, too.

 We knew this tree was dead and needed to come down.  It nicely fell over the creek instead of toward the pasture fence, for which we are thankful.  Now all Tim needs to do is get out the chain saw and cut it up.  He says he is going to use the wood for the Fall Fest bonfire.

A few weeks ago a few of the young people who hang out around here brought me this nest on a Sunday afternoon.  It was an old one in our pear tree.  One of them said to me, "I thought you'd like it.  You have a nest in on the piano."
 I was touched by his kindness and thoughtfulness.  It's nice to be known.

The nests fascinate me.  Each type of bird makes a unique nest.  This one is different than the one on my piano.  I love how God has built into them just the kind they need to make, they never make a different kind.  They never look at another species nest and decide to build theirs like that one!

I think nature has so many things to teach us about our creator.  So many lessons about life can be found in His creation.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. Oh my, a tree can cause a lot of damage! Happy that yours didn't! Love that sweet nest and the thoughts that came with it:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. How thoughtful of the young people to gift you with the nest! I love the things we can learn from nature. I once decorated a wreath with treasures I picked up on nature walks while my chidlren were taking riding lessons on a horse ranch. I still love that wreath and all the memories it holds!

  3. It sounds like the tree fell in the best place. But more work now for your husband. Hope your projects are going well

  4. Nature study came to you!!

    I love that your young friends had noticed your nest inside and brought you the new sweet And I am happy to hear that the tree fell in the perfect place and nothing was damaged. That is a good thing!

  5. Awww, an "empty nest"...Love the photos!

  6. So glad that it didn't hurt anything! What a lovely offering!


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