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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wedding Planning

My kids mentioned to me this summer, "If Emma and Vinnie get married next year, you'll have three weddings in three years!" However, Tim and I took Vinnie and Emma to dinner last night, to celebrate and talk wedding plans.  As we talked, we realized that with everyones schedule, including having an aunt and uncle home from Africa, school friends on break, his dad who is a teacher is off for the holidays, etc, it would be better timing to have the wedding in late December rather than later in January

It's an amazing time in our family's life.

So three weddings in two years, and four months between two of them!  

Let that sink in a minute.

Good thing I love this kind of stuff!

It will be an evening wedding, which will be beautiful in winter.  Think soft lighting, greenery, crimson.
The two weeks of Christmas and New Year's are always full of celebration for us, with Tim's birthday on Christmas Eve, Lindsay's on New Year's Day, and our anniversary on January 2nd.  What's one more event?

It'll be a busy time her in the next 9 weeks, but we will enjoy it and it will be beautiful! This wedding will just add to the Christmas joy!

I've been looking at Pinterest and their are so many wonderful for a winter wedding.





  1. Ohhh a winter's evening wedding will be amazing!

  2. Wow! I bet it will be beautiful!

  3. December wedding will be so romantic. Snow and a horse and sleigh would be fabulous. This will be a busy month for you.

  4. *Swoon* I attended a December wedding many years ago now. An evening wedding...candlelight, the scent of evergreens, the bride wore a beautiful, warm wedding jad a fur-like shrug and the bridesmaids wore red velvet. (I think the groom wore a tux, but I really don't remember. =D ) Thanks for the sweet memory. With planning and organization, I'm sure that you can do it all!

  5. Wow things are hopping at your house! I was in a December wedding once. We carried white muffs with red roses to off set our red velvet dresses.

  6. It is going to be simply delightful!! Three weddings in two years. Wow. But awesome!!

  7. Well! It's a good thing you're all practiced up!
    Sounds like you're already collecting ideas for helping this marriage start off in a beautiful way.

  8. I love the idea of a Winter wedding. My parents were married on Christmas Eve.


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