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Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Fest Weekend

 This photo was taken yesterday during the Fall Fest.  Its the only one I took yesterday.  I KNOW!  We had set up lovely tables for food -with  pumpkins, lanterns, flowers.  People started arriving, some whom I don't see on a regular basis.  Lots of hugs and chatting.  Tim took the first hay ride out and they had a great time.  More arrivals.  Everyone was in a happy mood.

Then the clouds began to move in.  A storm was on the way.  You can see some of the dark clouds in the photo above.  Tim took a second hay ride group out.

We started to roast hot dogs, lots of them to feed the huge crowd now assembled.  We had kids playing everywhere, moms, dads, grandparents, talking and enjoying themselves.  

The wind picked up and people started to sense, that the storm was really going to happen.  Everyone went into 'lets move everything inside' mode and quicker than quick the food was all in the kitchen on the table and counter.  I was still roasting hot dogs, and when I came in I tried to get a bit of organization in the kitchen, so people could fine plates, napkins, forks, and coffee stuff, then I let it all go.  It was more important to visit with our friends!

Our friends are great.  They were just happy to be together, and didn't mind being inside where it quickly became WARM from all the hot air!

Everyone had a super time, even though there was no candy toss (we bagged it for each of the kids) and no outdoor movie.  They played instead and when the rain stopped, many went out and ran around again.

Some of the adults went back out to enjoy a fire and enjoyed the cool air the storm had brought in.  See the unusual thing about the weather yesterday was that it is usually cold (everyone bundles up for the hay rides).  Yesterday we had sunny skies and nearly 80 degrees on October 30th.  When the cold front moved in we had temps in the low 60's or upper 50's.

And so you've had to 'see' the Fall Fest through my words, and not photos, and I am sorry for that.  If I find that others' took photos of things, I'll share them!

This morning I opened my living room curtains and this is what I saw.

My Red Sunset Maples are at their peak!

I also want to say, Happy Birthday! to my wonderful mother in law!  She is 95 years old today!  We'll be traveling to visit her Thanksgiving week, and we can't wait!

Isn't she lovely?  See you soon, Mom!


  1. She is very pretty!

    Sometimes words paint a wonderful picture indeed. Sounds like a fun day for all. (I spent my afternoon on the soccer field. One game at 2:15 and the next at 4:30. I thought I'd freeze.)

  2. 95 and so happy looking! :)

    Beautiful autumn photos. You live in Heaven!

  3. You painted a good word picture! Your MIL is lovely!

  4. You've got stunning fall colors! Here in upstate NY we had splendid foliage this year, but it's definitely past its peak at this point.

    How are the two new little grandgirls and their parents doing? Is Kamryn loving being a big sister?

  5. I rarely take photos at my parties. I either forget, or I am too busy hosting, or I feel awkward about putting my guests on the spot. However, your one photo is beautiful and allows me to put myself there at your house in my imagination...and you filled in the missing parts with your descriptions! You have the mark of a true hostess: you go with the flow and focus on ensuring that your guests have a great time no matter what!

    Happy birthday to Grammy!!


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