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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Prayer Requests

Yesterday, we got two prayer requests for elderly parents in our extended family.

First came an email from our sister in law, Sharon, whose dear father is near the end of his life.  He is in his 90's.  He had been declining for some time and then recently went on hospice because he had stopped eating and drinking.  Now he has developed pneumonia.  My inlaws were planning on coming to the states (they are missionaries in Africa) at the end of September, now they are trying to get a flight as soon as possible, as they think her dad only has a few days left.  

Her dad, Dave, was a missionary pilot in Nigeria for many years and then later served in Liberia.  We know that he will soon be with the Lord.  Please pray for both Sharon and her sister MaryAnna (who is a missionary in Liberia) to be able to get back to see their dad before his home going.

Photo taken in Vermont several years ago

Then last night we got an email about our brother in law's mom.  She's also in her 90's and suffering from Congestive Heart failure.  She lives alone in her farmhouse, refuses to leave there, and just wants to go to be with the Lord.  My sister in law, Esther, is heading from Florida to upstate New York to be with her for a few weeks, then our niece Crystal will be there in October.  Please pray for Pat, and for the family to have wisdom in how to care for her, and other decisions she has to make.  Of course, Pat would love it if the Lord would just take her home to be with him!

We love both of these dear ones, and are praying for them.  Thankful that one day we'll see them again.


  1. Saying a prayer now for these loved ones. What a testimony that the missionary kids grew up to be missionaries themselves.

  2. Even though we know that death is just a part of life, it never is easy when those we love pass away. My heart goes out to you as these loved ones near the end of their life's journey. Thank you for your prayers as well, my friend. {{Hugs}}.

  3. praying for these dear souls .. as the Lord leads. ♥

  4. Praying with you for grace for these dear ones in your extended family. May God's grace and mercy surround.

  5. Praying for both of these families🙏🏼.

  6. Praying for these dear ones and their families. We're experiencing something similar here with my father who has had a cough for a couple of weeks now. One the one hand, he doesn't want to doctor to check it out. On the other, he seems a little despondent. It's hard to know what to do; how to encourage him. He, too, is SO ready to go and be with Jesus...


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