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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A New Rug, An Adorable Pumpkin, and The Best T-shirts Ever!

Its Wednesday!  Half way through the week and one day before Emma and Isla arrive for a fun weekend!  Our local fair starts today, and Isla will get the fun of seeing all kinds of animals and horses on Friday, and then we have a sweet friends' wedding on Sunday!  Our friend is marrying a Marine!  Its going to be an awesome wedding!  

If you follow me on Instagram (my IG is private but if you send me a follow request, send me a note too, so I know you read here!  I get a lot of weird follow requests) you know that I got a great rug on clearance from Target.  It is a gold-ish mustard color with white. I'd been eyeing it for sometime and then boom - it was in my cart.  The problem is, I'd love to keep it here in my living room, but it is too small for this space.  So I'll probably move it to my bedroom.

My sweet friend Annie is an amazing artist.  She paints many wonderful things (signs, cupcakes, pumpkins!).  Check out her Etsy store Laney Bell Designs.  Many of her items sell out quickly but she restocks!  If you're on Instagram, you can find her here.

I found these cute tshirts for my granddaughters at Old Navy.  I'm hoping to get photos taken of all three of them in these shirts this weekend!
You can find a link to it here.

Rachel is recovering well, but is very swollen!  Pain meds are working well, as are ice packs, and she's eating soup, yogurt and applesauce.  Oh, and ice cream!  


  1. What a fun post!! I'm excited for you that Emma and Isla are coming for a visit! That is an adorable checked pumpkin! And those are darling shirts too! Hope you get the pic you want!

  2. There is nothing better than finding a good bargin...darling rug! Our son is having his wisdom teeth surgery next I am interested in how your daughter is progressing. Have a great day Deanna.

  3. I loved that pumpkin! Here in Portugal, we don't usually dress our houses for Fall, but some people are already doing it. I hope it becomes a habit! The house feels so cozy!
    That t-shirt is so cute! I bet they'll love it.
    I hope Rachel gets better soon! :)

  4. I'm trying to avoid the lure of Instagram - though it is very tempting :)

    The pumpkin is great! I passed it on to a friend who was looking for ideas for HER pumpkin this fall.

    Sounds like you have a fine weekend to look forward to. (I don't have to tell you to "enjoy"!)

  5. THAT is a cool pumpkin!

    Love the grandma tee, too!

  6. Wow, that pumpkin is just gorgeous. I'll have to check out her shop as I would venture to guess that it is not an easy craft!! 😉

  7. That is a great find at Target. And I love the shirts. Have a fun weekend with your family and will look forward to seeing the trio in those shirts!

  8. SO many cute things in your home! I will check out those sites for pretties:) Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!


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