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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Let The Fun Begin!

Emma and Isla arrived yesterday to surprise us!  I was sworn to secrecy as Em wanted to surprise a friend of hers, but now I can tell!

Everyone was surprised and we gathered last night to eat pizza and spend time together!  

Isla and Klaire were only a month old the last time they were together!  They were really interested in each other, touching each other gently and hugging.  They look a lot alike, but Isla has a more broad head and Klaire's head is rounder overall.  They are so sweet.

Kamryn really is a little mommy and wanted to be holding them and they are at the age where they like to explore and not be held!

Tomorrow is the rodeo day at our local Ag fair, and so Emma will take Isla and meet up with some friends.  Lindsay is riding tomorrow night so she may go back to see that, and most of us will be there too.

Saturday we are all going out to breakfast, and then doing various things.  Sunday is our sweet friends' wedding and we are so excited to celebrate with their whole family!

Monday I get to have dinner with my blogging sister, Cheryl, and her sweet family!  They'll be in town for a few short days, so we're meeting up for dinner!  We are so excited as due to one thing or another we've not been able to visit each other for two years!  We have birthday gifts to exchange!  

My birthday is Tuesday, and I always like to extend the celebrating!  This year it has started early and I am so thankful!


  1. Happy Birthday! What an amazing weekend you have in store! I love how you are always celebrating! Family. Friends. Special Occasions. Simple Pleasures. Life. You do know how to LIVE!

  2. Happy Birthday, Deanna! What a great way you're going to celebrate, with a blogging friend!

  3. What fine days you are looking forward to! Sending you early birthday greetings - and tell Cheryl "hi" from me in person. Next to family and church friends, blogging friends are the best ♥

  4. πŸƒπŸ‚πŸƒThis entire post has me smiling! It must be so cute to see the cousins together. Enjoy a happy weekend and beyond...

  5. I am smiling too!! Birthday blessings!!

  6. It's always a nice treat when you can see faraway family!

  7. What a fun time to visit with little ones:) ENJOY every minute of the visit and the FALL weekend! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  8. Sounds like you are having a special birthday this year with such fun things on the agenda. Have a happy celebration!

  9. Have a wonderful few days ahead. Happy Birthday.


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