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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Garden: Late September

There was a brief view of blue sky on Saturday when Lindsay came to help me weed and cut back all the spent flowers and plants.  This summer was hard on the garden.

I trimmed back this hydrangea and I might do a bit more trimming, but at least the sidewalk can be walked on now!

Tim took advantage of the fact that it wasn't raining, though it did in the evening and drizzled all day Sunday, to change the oil in both vehicles, and check brake wear.

Lindsay is hard and cheerful worker.  I wanted to get rid of a few plants that were too close to the sidewalk, and she decided to pot them and take the home.  I was glad to share!  That black blob in the photo near the pitchfork is Watson our cat.  He came out to make sure we were doing everything just right.
 When we finished this Cottage Garden section, we went 1 minute down the road to our local produce stand and bought a few mums to place in the garden.

I bought two deep red, and one white with yellow centers.  They are a nice pop of color in the garden.

The other section of the front garden had to wait for another day.  Rain was threatening and it did indeed start to rain.  It drizzled all day Sunday and Monday, but its really raining today.  Our neighbors who own the produce stand say that this has been a hard growing year.  They only have like 20 pumpkins for sale, and some places have none.  With so much rain, many of the pumpkins just rotted on the vines.  So sad.


  1. Enough of the rain already! I love mums. I would buy some except the summer flowers are still so happy and I have no place to put them.

  2. I hit publish before I was finished talking. 😁 I love your picket fence. Lindsay is a great help! I like help for such big tasks. Sorry for the lack of pumpkins. They are quite expensive here this year.

  3. I need to get busy in my flower beds too - just wish I had some good help like you have!

  4. It always feels like fall when you have mums in the yard! What a wonderful helper Lindsay is!


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