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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Queen of Autumn Speaks

Greetings to all the loyal subjects of Autumn!  

I just wanted to mention that this weekend marks the beginning of the Autumn season, and we autumnites who don't like soaring temperatures and life sucking humidity, are coming into the season that brings life to us!

Just think, finally we'll be able to go outside and not start to sweat right away.  We'll be able to host campfires, and cook s'mores, and hot dogs over an open fire.  We'll actually be able to sit outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures, or take a walk. 

Our enjoyment of being outside will be added to by the beauty of changing leaves.  We'll actually be able to enjoy sunny days, with big white puffy clouds, knowing we will not be fried by the sun.

When we go outside we'll likely need a sweater, or even a jacket and we'll probably get to wear a cute hat, too!  Our scarves that have been shoved into a drawer will get to come out and play again, too!

We citizens of Autumnland, will begin to cook comfort foods again.  Soups, stews, desserts with pumpkin or apples.  We'll get to drink apple cider and eat apple cider donuts. 

Its going to be amazing!  And it all starts this weekend.  I'm ready are you?!

Your Queen


  1. Yes welcome to fall. I'm so glad we live where there are seasons, even though not quite as distinctive as up north. Enjoy all that lies ahead!

  2. Ha Ha! Yes, even today's somewhat cooler temp and low humidity is right on track for Autumn. My windows are open this morning! I can hear the birds and not the a/c unit!!

  3. The citizens of Autumnland rejoice! I pulled out my recipe for beef and barley soup. And I perceive a stew coming up on the menus soon as well.


  4. welcome autumn!!!!! ♥
    though this weekend and through the next week 90+ temps. bah!
    nevertheless. i'm SO ready.

  5. My, my! The Queen of Autumn is very lovely! Well, though it has been cloudy and a bit drizzly, too, I have enjoyed being able to breathe again. ☺️

  6. Yes! It has been in the 90s here and I still have made soup a couple of times. I am so ready for Fall this year, your Queenlyness.

  7. I beyond ready. Just hope my region gets ready.

  8. Long live the queen! She speaks the words I long to hear! (Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Queen of Autumn!) :D

  9. We had a trial run already! I bought 3 caramel apples at the grocery store this week! Now to find some Kraft caramels and go to work... Saturday our temperature is to drop in the 60s, just right for a couple of autumnal outings to outdoor events! Move over, Queen of Autumn! 😀

  10. Summer is lovely here, so I don't identify with wanting it over, but I also look forward to the pleasures of autumn. Each season has its delights. Happy Autumn Days!


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