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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Morning Sunshine

The sun has been hiding most of the summer from us, as we've had so much rain, and the sky has been grey even when it wasn't raining.  We had a cold front move through last night, with a lovely thunderstorm, and this morning the sun is shining!

I stepped out on the deck to snap a few photos.
 You can see the puddled water in the children's camp chair and see the wet decking.

A funny sight is this candle in a lantern.  The summer was so hot that the candle behind glass melted, and bent over to touch the glass.  But we've also had rain that has gotten inside the lantern.  I thought it was a perfect symbol of our summer.

I wanted to show you the little sewing kit I made for Rachel.
I simply bought a small sewing kit, and put it in this cute jar.  I'm going to try to put a small pair of scissors in there as well.  I couldn't find what I was looking for at Michael's, but I'm going to a smaller locally owned Mennonite store with a sewing section and I'm hoping I'll find them there.

We are headed out tomorrow for a long weekend visit with Rachel.  We are going to do some of my favorite things a head of my birthday next week.  I might be able to post here, but I'll definitely post on Instagram.

September has flown by, and its almost October.  I hope you have sunny skies where you are, and a lovely weekend.


  1. Yes, for sunshine! I thought about it too late to take a video of the lightning/thunderstorm last night. The sewing kit is cute, did it come with a couple of buttons also? Have a great visit!

  2. Oh I love that sewing kit - what a wonderful gift! Have fun this weekend and enjoy these last days of September!

  3. Oh glad that you will see Rachel over the long weekend. Cute sewing kit! Hope that the weather is fabulous. You absolutely deserve it. ☀️

  4. What a sweet sewing kit! Enjoy your visit...

  5. Embroidery scissors would fit perfectly and are very sharp. I have several pairs that I use for many things! Cute idea!

  6. Have a wonderful time! The sewing kit in a jar is such a great idea!


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