Monday, October 1, 2018

Autumn Weekend In New York and Vermont

This past weekend, Tim, Kyle and I, and Rachel's boyfriend Wes, went up to New York to visit her, and to have some adventures.

We drove up Friday, and got there in the afternoon.  We explored the area around the school, and hung out in the evening playing games.

On Saturday we drove to Vermont, and saw some beautiful scenery through the southern portion of the state.  We also drove to the Quechee Gorge.  The color there was just beginning, but its still a beautiful place.

Later in the day we caught a ferry back to New York.   It was a beautiful trip across Lake Champlain, as the sun was setting.

On Sunday, we went to church, and then drove to Whiteface Mountain.  The color was beautiful in that area.  It was cloudy there and chilly.

The temperature at 4610 ft above sea level was 39 degrees and it was very windy.  These stairs are the beginning of the outside trail up to an old weather station.  I was going to take the elevator up to the top (it is right in the heart of the mountain, but with some work being done there someone accidentally cut a wire that was the electrical for the whole place - so no elevator.

I got some great shots anyway of the view and of Lake Placid.  The visibility was 100 miles that day.  We could see Lake Champlain from there!  It is such an amazing place.

 Tim got these shots of Wes and Rachel.  

They said there were big boulders right below them, so it looks a lot more risky than it was to be sitting where they are!

Here's a video I took of the beautiful foliage as we came down from the mountain.

This weekend began my birthday fun!  My birthday is this week, and I love to celebrate, so I somehow stretch it out for as long as possible. Its so good to celebrate and rejoice in the gifts we've been given, mainly family, friends, and God's grace.


  1. Beautiful!!!! I have not been to New England in the fall in several years but I plan to go again as soon as I can! Perhaps next September or the next one! LOVED the video!!!

  2. Did those two have to sit so far out on that ledge?! Yikes. ☺ Looks and sounds like an amazing weekend. Hope that you can do it all again when the foliage is even more widespread. Beautiful country!

    1. I'd love to go up often, but don't know if I'll get up again during the autumn!

  3. Beautiful,beautiful.I appreciate your sharing these snippets of your life with us.Bless you Deanna.Dawn E. Brown ps...was in Lancaster County this weekend for a sisters weekend. Stayed in Millersville,but found our way to Lititz on Saturday.Stopped in the first store,so lovely,sweet Rebecca at Pebbles and Lace.I told her that I have been reading your blog for some years now.She got a picture of her and I.Would love to have met you as well. I love how God connects His people.He is so kind.

    1. Dawn,

      Becky sent me the photo of you two together! I was happy to see you and it would have been so nice to meet! I so appreciate your sweet words about the blog.

      I agree with you about how God connects His people. He is gracious and kind, indeed!

  4. What beautiful pictures - thanks so much for sharing! It looks like you had a great trip. I'm not so sure about where those two were sitting although I'm sure their view was breathtaking!

  5. Looks like a lovely trip...and yikes that cliff, even with the boulders underneath!! Happy Birthday! I say stretch it out for as long as your family will let you! xo

  6. What a gorgeous fall trip, and I know that Rachel was happy to have you come for a visit!

    Eek!! I can't look at those two dangling on the edge of a precipice! I know that perspective is everything . . . but from my perspective . . .


    (Really though. I am sure that they were quite safe. Because why would they dangle from a precipice?)

    1. Rachel loves her classes but she is a homebody and this is stretching her in good ways. She loved having us there, loved being able to spend time with Wes, and have adventures together!

  7. Looks like you enjoyed a lot of beauty in New England this past weekend. We honeymooned in Vermont many years ago!


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