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Monday, October 15, 2018

Home Maintenance: Replacing The Toilet In The Guest Bathroom

When we bought our cottage, 17 years ago, we had many projects that had to be done right away.  With a tight budget, and a fixer upper house, we didn't bother to change out things that were working just fine.

Now we are at a place in life, and in the life of this house, that we have a list of 'small' projects we want to get done.

Saturday Tim and I went to our local hardware store and brought home a new Delta low flow toilet. It has a nice profile and fits the space in this bathroom very well.

The only issue is that with the smaller profile, the tank doesn't fit the exact space that the other tank did, and you can see the colors that our bathroom has been!

Thankfully we had paint left over from this room and Tim quickly painted a coat over this space and then attached the tank and we were in business!

Its the little things in life that are so satisfying, isn't it?

I'm a happy girl!

Next we have two projects, a different toilet for the master bathroom, Tim wants one that has two flush options, and a new kitchen door.  

Maintaining a house takes work, but its worth it!


  1. Yay for the completion of this project!! Such a pretty Williamsburg-y bathroom!!

  2. I want a toilet from the black market that will flush gobs of paper and old toothbrushes with no problems. 😏 Your bathroom looks very the blues.

    Yes, it is the little things that delight us. I am fresh off the phone with Pella repair as my bow window has failed. 😳 Hope that they can help me.

  3. Maintaining our homes is a consent work in progress. We need a new light fixture in the kitchen. As I grow older I need more light and our kitchen has always been dark. Painting it white helped a lot . . . I have no idea how the former owner ever damaged. The kitchen was dark brown paneling when we moved in. Here's to upkeep and cozy home living . . . there's no place like home :)

  4. We bought our home 6 years ago, but the house is 18 years old now and the to do list is growing!

  5. Looks great! We have issues in our house with things needing repairs or replacements. We have had to have some toilet work done and one more to go. Enjoy your Monday dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Yes, it IS the little things! I love redeeming something. Right now my mind is on painting the other two walls in the guest room before the holidays are upon us.

  7. This Fall we are finally having our deck restained. The old stain and stuff that accumulated since it was done last has been stripped but they haven't been able to have enough dry weather to come back for the stain. They came back once and the wood was still too moist. I told Hubby that there are a lot more things I'd love to spend money on but I know I'm going to love having the deck look good again. Of course, he mostly cares that it will add more years to the life of the deck! (It is a DIY project he cannot do himself because of sensitivities to the materials used.)

  8. Sometimes, it really is the little things! I love the shower curtain. Pretty!

  9. Weird question, but... how much does a toilet weigh and how easy was it to replace?

  10. Your bathroom looks so nice! It is a sense of accomplishment to get small things checked off a list. We actually wrote one today. ~ Podso


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