Monday, October 8, 2018

Things I Love About Fall

One of these days, I may get to show you some fall decor here, but really other than my ceramic pumpkins, which you've seen, there is not a lot of other decor.  A few pillows, oh and I brought out my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dishes.

This first week of October has been a doozy, and I thought we could stand to think of some happy things, so here we go....

Changing leaves
Flannel Sheets
Apple Pies
Pumpkin Everything
Apple Cider
Cool Weather
Crisp Air
Scents Diffusing
Throw Blankets
Extra Pillows
Sleeping with the Window Open
Time Change
Being Outside

Today was too hot to sit outside (it was humid too) and mid week we are expecting rain again, too.  Its just crazy weather.

I want to leave you with some photos of knit hats I made for Clark and Isla.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sorry that October has not begun as well as it might. “Time change” would not make my list😉; otherwise, I’m in total agreement.

    It was a good weekend as I was hosting Laurel’s birthday party. It was fun getting together with the kids and grands.

  2. Oh that list is mighty cozy for Fall:) It still doesn't feel much like Fall here but it's coming! Love those colorful hats and so will their recipients. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Oh thank you for that list - I needed it! I haven't been able to enjoy fall at all. I haven't been able to decorate either. I've been so busy subbing at the school. Once I get through this week I should be back to our normal routine and hopefully I can get into fall mode! Hope you have a happy week!

  4. Rainy here today but just a mist right now so I did get out for a walk. Thought of changing to flannel sheets today but now I think I'll wait until next week.

    My weekend was good but busy. Met cousins we seldom see for a lakeside lunch on Saturday -- very nice -- and had friends over for lunch on Sunday after church.

    The hats are beautiful. Love the colors!

    I don't knit, and I'm not a fan of the time change, but otherwise your list of fall things would be just like mine!

  5. The hats are nice! And I agree with most of your list. We are hoping for some cooler weather soon--at least some rain is coming.

  6. It has been hot and humid here, too. By Friday we are to have a 50 degree drop in temps! 😳 But that should trigger Fall color! I am past ready.


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